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Samsung Rugby Related Questions

Are you using your US issued cell phone in a different country? Do you need to troubleshoot a problem with your phone? Getting your cell phone to work properly and in the way you want makes life much easier for you. The insights of Experts will tell you what you need to know to overcome your Samsung Rugby problems. Below are some of the many question cell phone Experts have answered.

Why has a Samsung Rugby stopped connecting to a Wi-Fi network?

Case Details: The Wi-Fi access was fine but suddenly the phone shows “Web page not available.” The phone is showing that the wireless is on. Other phones can connect to the same network without any problems.

If the Samsung Rugby was connecting to the Wi-Fi earlier and other phones are still able to connect, network problems are unlikely. However, to confirm this, disconnect the phone from the wireless and turn it off. Disconnect power to the Wi-Fi router and wait for five minutes. Reconnect the power to the router and restart the phone. Turn the phone’s wireless on. If the phone is now connected, then the problem is solved. If there is still no connection to the wireless, then the phone’s wireless settings need to be reset. To do this, go to Settings and then tap on Wireless. Select your network and then choose Forget. Turn off and restart the phone. Connect to the wireless network. The connection should now work.

What could prevent a Samsung Rugby from accessing Gmail?

Case Details: The phone gives a message that the address and password are not recognized. Gmail works fine on the computer.

There are three common reasons for this problem on a Samsung Rugby so three steps must the tried in sequence.

  1. The first step is to turn off the phone, remove the battery and leave it out for 5 minutes. The battery should then be reinserted and the phone turned on. If Gmail is now accessible, the problem is solved.
  2. If not, the next issue could be that often when text is being entered in the Rugby and a switch is made to a new box, a blank space is added to the end of the word. This is taken to be an additional character so the address/password will be wrong. Reenter the address and password and in each case press the very end of the entered text and check to see that the cursor is flush against the last letter with no blank space in between.
  3. If the problem still remains, there could be an issue with the two step security system in Gmail if it has been enabled. Disable the security, turn off the phone, and remove the battery. Replace the battery and turn the phone on. Gmail should now be accessible.

What is preventing voicemail messages left on a Samsung Rugby from being recorded?

There are four possible reasons for this.

  1. The first is a temporary problem with the carrier. The carrier should be contacted to confirm that there are no problems in the network.
  2. Next, is that the carrier has disabled the service for some reason.
  3. The next reason could be that the voicemail box is full and will not accept more messages.
  4. And finally, the fact that the voicemail has been actually set up must be confirmed.

The problem will be in one of these areas. It is not an issue related to the phone itself.

Why does a Samsung Rugby have a tiny blue dot and shut off by itself when it is closed?

The tiny blue dot is caused by a dead pixel and fixing this problem will require the screen to be replaced. However, this should not be connected with the phone shutting off when it is closed. The reason for that could be the ribbon cable that connects the top and bottom parts of the phone has an intermittent connection or is cracked. This will need to be replaced.

Why is it that an unlocked Samsung Rugby from AT&T only works for voice calls and text messages in Europe?

Case Details: Mobile web, GPS, etc., which worked in the U.S. do not work in Norway.

The services which are not available are only accessible on the AT&T 3G network. If a provider does not use the AT&T network, only voice calls and text, which do not need 3G, will function.

How can the ringtones of a Samsung Rugby be changed?

To change the ringtones open Settings. A Profile option should be available. Tap on it and then select Sound Profiles. Tap on the profile to be changed and various options for ringtones, volume and vibration settings will be displayed. Once the settings are chosen they should be saved.

Is the Samsung Rugby 2 hearing aid compatible?

The Samsung Rugby 2 is hearing aid compatible.

As seen above, it is possible to troubleshoot nearly any problem you encounter with your phone. When problems or repair are beyond your knowledge consult with a cell phone Expert online. Verified Experts are readily available at your convenience to answer any question you may have. 

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