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Sales Tax Rate Questions

What is the Sales Tax Rate?

The Sales Tax Rate is the amount that is charged to items that are sold at the retail price. Every state has a Sales Tax Rate except five of the states in the United States. The Tax rate is a statewide sales tax that receives on consumer items that are sold within the state borders. Read below where the Experts have answered questions about the sales tax rate.

What was the sales tax rate in Grand Rapids, MI in June of 2011?

In the state of Michigan, the sales taxes on the products are 6%; this sales tax rate applies for the entire state meaning that Grand Rapids doesn’t have a separate tax rate at all or applies a different type of sales towards items.

If a person owns a restaurant and the sales tax rate is 6% the company has a certain amount of food items that is computed each day for managers, is this food which is not sold subject to sales tax?

The food will not be subject to the sales tax. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has a Legal Letter Ruling No. SUT-05-004: which states that meals that are free are given by the restaurant to its employees will not be charged with the sales and use tax. The Department of Revenue shows that the free meals will not have taxes for the statutory language that is a basis for use tax is the provider’s acquisition of the property or services provided. In the case of the restaurant’s provision of free meals to its employees, the restaurant’s tax basis is the restaurant’s acquisition of the food that was incorporated into the free meals.

What is the sales tax rate on apparel shirts that are shipped from the United States to England?

The country of England has no sale taxes on the items that are sold. England has a Value Added Tax (VAT). The children clothing will not have a VAT on them and they are clothing materials. The VAT on sporting clothing is 17.5%

What is the Sales Tax Rate for Cleveland, Ohio?

The locations in Ohio differ when it comes to the state of Ohio. Majority of the state's sales tax is about 5.5%. In the state of Cleveland, 1.0% County sales tax is added to the county’s sales tax and another 1.0% will be included for the district sales tax; which comes to a total of 7.5%. The State Sales Tax Rate is different from state to state because some of the states are not included when it comes to the usage of the sales tax rate. The Tax Rates also is different because within in the cities because some of the cities have additional district and county tax rates that may be added. What is the Sales Tax Rate? What is the Local Sales Tax Rate? What is the Mass Sales Tax Rate? Many other questions referring to the Sales Tax Rate can be answered by consulting with the Experts.
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