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Volvo S80 T6 Problems

The Volvo S80 was released in 1998 as the successor to the Volvo 960/S90, a rear-wheel drive saloon/sedan. In 2007 the S80 was voted the Top Safety Pick after all-round crash performance tests. The T6 version of this mid-size executive car was built from 1998 to 2006 in two petrol driven straight-six, twin-turbo engine displacements. Volvo has an extensive and well-organized dealer network for maintenance and repairs. It is important for owners to understand how to resolve minor issues and problems. These solutions are answered below by Experts on JustAnswer.

How much does the radiator of a Volvo S80 hold in liters and what percentage of it should be coolant?

The radiator of the Volvo S80 T6 turbo has a holding capacity of 9.6 liters of coolant. The recommended mixture should be 50:50. The water used to dilute the coolant of Volvo engines has to meet certain specifications. Highly chlorinated water which contains excessive dissolved salts and minerals is unacceptable. This is because it can be a corrosion risk and lead to sedimentation and scaling despite the coolant which is added. An owner would be safer using distilled water or ready-mixed original Volvo coolant.

The check engine light is lit up with codes P0016 and P0017 displayed on a 2004 S80 T6, what is the adjustment for this?

Provided the bolts on the camshaft were not loosened the adjustment is simple. The markings on the crank pulley and cam hubs must be aligned. This needs to coincide with the corresponding markings on the engine before belt replacement. To get the correct adjustment requires patience but it can be done easily. <2>How can an alarm on a Volvo S80 T6 be disabled ? The alarm is unlikely to go off on its own. It could be something unexpected like the door micro switches or something that is triggering a false alarm. If the car is in alarm mode, a scanner can monitor all the sensors. Most often the siren module goes bad and needs to be replaced. It can be found below the fender under the wheel arch which covers the front right wheel.

Where can a transmission error code on a Volvo S80 T6 be read, as the check engine light is on?

It is preferable to have the code read by a Volvo scanner which reads transmission fault codes. Any Volvo dealer will have one. Then the exact problem is known and can be attended to instead of getting a dubious readout from a non-Volvo scanner. Most non-Volvo transmission shops only change the clutches and seals. The real problem could be somewhere else like in some of the electrical parts in the valve body which are rarely touched.

Can a torn CV boot cause a Volvo S80T6 front axle to wobble between 55 and 70 mph?

A torn CV boot will allow water and dirt to enter and mix with the grease. Over time this will wear the CV joint which could cause vibration during acceleration or in that speed range. The diagnosis is right and the axle will need to be replaced. Probably the repair shop is having difficulty in identifying whether it is the left or right axle causing the vibration. The torn boot is the only evidence they have to go on, but yes, they are correct.

In 2002 Volvo released an anniversary edition of the S80 T6 to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary. Only 500 of these sedans were built which presented a challenge to the Mercedes Benz E-Class, BMW’s Series 5 and Audi’s A6 amongst other luxury marks.

The standard S80 T6 is also an exceptional car, but at times problems which are not referenced in the manual do arise. In such predicaments owners can always count on Experts for appropriate solutions which take the guesswork out of the equation.
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