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Questions on RTC Act and RTC Laws

The RTC refers to the Regional Transportation Commission which is responsible for providing an efficient transportation system in different regions. The RTC has put forth a set of rules and regulations to help anyone who may be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Not knowing what these rules and provisions are can make it difficult for an individual who has had an accident to take action against the at fault party. Given below are common questions asked about the RTC and its rules regarding motor vehicle accidents.

Would an individual be held responsible if he/she is involved in an accident while taking a turn?

According to the RTC, if an individual was involved in an accident while taking a turn and the other person was not injured, he/she may be charged with driving without due care and attention in most cases. In some cases, if the other person was not injured at all, he/she may not charge the individual with anything.

What steps can a cyclist involved in an accident with a car take to get his/her damaged bike repaired or replaced?

It may be easier for an individual to claim insurance from the at fault party in an accident if the at fault party accepts responsibility for the accident. If the individual has particulars of the other party’s insurance company, he/she may contact them to check if the accident was reported to them and to check the status of the case. The individual may also provide a quote for either repairing or replacing the bike. If the individual is unable to contact the insurance company on phone, he/she may send the company a registered post letter that they may have to sign on receiving, checking with them about the claim. This will help the individual keep a track of the time taken by the insurance company to respond to the individual’s queries. He/she may also write to the at fault party stating that he/she may have to take legal action in County Court if he/she is unable to recover the cost of the bike’s repair or replacement. If the bike is damaged beyond economical repair, the individual may be entitled to a replacement of the bike. Also, if the individual has sustained any injuries during the accident, he/she may be entitled to compensation for his/her injuries and pain and suffering as well.

According to the RTC Act, would it be legal for Medicaid to put a lien on an individual’s motor accident settlement amount?

It may be considered legal for Medicaid to put a lien on an individual’s motor accident settlement. Most of the times, Medicaid may be paid back from the amount that an individual may get in an auto accident settlement. Medicaid may send the individual a notice of the amount that needs to be paid to them. This amount may be based on all of the individual’s medical bills that were a result of the accident. The individual’s attorney may check the bills and make sure that any other medical bills that may not be related to the accident are not included in the total amount to be paid to Medicaid.

Would an emergency fire appliance driver be held responsible for an accident where another car driving at a high speed hit him/her when he/she had already stopped his/her vehicle?

In most situations, the police may charge the driver of the speeding car with careless and dangerous driving. The fire appliance driver may not be charged with anything if he/she had already stopped the vehicle when the speeding car hit him. He/she may plead not guilty and take the case to trial if he/she gets charged with careless driving.

You may have a lot of questions if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. If you are unable to find answers to these questions, it can add to all your pain and suffering along with any physical injuries that you may have sustained. It is important to know what rights and obligations the RTC has put forth if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Asking an Expert can be helpful if you are looking for information about the RTC laws.
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