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Royalty Related Questions

What is a royalty, or a royalty payment? The definition of royalty is payment determined by how much you use made by one party (the "licensee") to another (the "licensor") for the right to ongoing use of an asset. Royalties are determined by the parties depending upon percentage of gross or net revenues that are obtained from the use of an asset. A royalty agreement is a legal documentation between two parties where one party agrees to pay the other individual/party money based on sales of property.

Can someone use music for background music to a video?

Music that may be purchased on a CD, cassette, or even ITunes cannot be copied and put into a video. A person can’t share personal videos with copyright to the music at all. The public will not be able to view this material at all; the sharing is an act of copying, and under the copyright laws a person does not have the authority to copy the music that is bought. And if a person does it publicly, they are now committing a crime, now it becomes act of helping other people listen to the music illegally.

Can a corporation who charges royalties for use of trademarked names and logos charge a higher royalty percentage for discount retailers than charged to other retailers?

Yes, many times, royalty charges are up to the owners as to how much is charged; This is a part of the owner’s right and they may charge more to vendors and it is up to the owner of the rights, since they are not eliminating competition which would be against the Sherman Anti-Trust Act (is a federal landmark on competition law that was passed by Congress).

Is there a definition for "royalty" in Title 17 of the USC?

There is not a definition of payments in royalty in Title 17 in USC. For more information, you can check the following link:

What is the value of a royalty deed found from 1925?

It may be a chance that the deed is valid, if recorded with the county recorder back in 1925 is still valid and if an individual does have the proper ownership of the mineral rights to that acreage. It is best to seek an attorney in the county that may help to see that status of the royalty deed.

Is there a "minimum royalty" payment requirement that has to be paid to the lesser for surface mining rights in Alabama or is it negotiable?

Most of the time, the royalty amount is negotiable and the law does not require for a minimum royalty amount to be paid out at all.

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