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Roundworm Dewormer Questions

What are roundworms in dogs?

Roundworms are the most common worms that are found in dogs. A puppy can be born with roundworms, just as they can be passed down to the puppy while still within the mother’s womb. As well as roundworm larvae eggs can also be passed on through the mother’s milk in nursing their pups. Roundworms may be hard to control because they are present in most environments. Although roundworms are most commonly found in puppies, all dogs may become infected at some time in their life. Roundworm symptoms may include diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and weight loss. Roundworm dewormer may be available through your veterinarian or pet supply store. Offering your pet a clean environment and applying preventative treatment may ward off any infestation of roundworms in your pet. Read below where Experts have answered commonly asked questions regarding roundworm dewormer.

If a dog is vomiting round spaghetti type worms, what type of de-wormer should an individual use?

There may be different de-wormers in treatment for different types of worms that can be present in dogs. Roundworms in dogs are a round spaghetti type worm that may be present in vomiting and diarrhea in dogs and may be best treated with a roundworm dewormer that includes a drug called pyrantel. When roundworms are left untreated, these worms can multiply quickly causing a partial blockage of the intestinal track within the dog.

Are repeat applications necessary in killing roundworms in a puppy?

The kill rate for a roundworm dewormer that may include the drug pyrantel is approximately 90 to 95%. Though this seems like a large percent, it can still leave a small percentage of eggs that will hatch and then re-infest the pet. Treatments at 2 to 3 week intervals until a puppy reaches 16 weeks of age may kill any remaining worms that may have hatched after the initial dose of dewormer was offered. At this point your veterinarian may talk to you about heartworm prevention that will also contain ingredients that may help in the prevention and destroy other intestinal parasites at onset of infestation.

In treating a dog with over the counter dewormers for roundworms, tapeworm and hookworm, are these dewormers safe in the presence of a heartworm infestation?

Panacur/fenbendazole, pyrantel and praziquantel may be safe over the counter dewormers used in destroying and preventing the infestation of roundworms, tapeworm and hookworms when used in the event of heartworm disease. Dewormers that may include a drug called milbemycin may not be recommended for treatment in the event the dog has heartworm disease.

If a puppy is being treated for roundworms and is bloated and vomiting, could this be a dewormer side effect, as well as there are no visible signs of roundworms in the vomit?

Often, wormer side effects may result in vomiting but this may not be a common side effect for all dewormers. When treating a dog that is infested with roundworms it may be best to let the dog’s stomach rest before offering their regular diet. Excessive vomiting may cause the dog to become dehydrated or suffer from circulatory complications. In the event roundworm symptoms persist the individual may want to call their veterinarian for a consult of the pets’ treatment and roundworm symptoms.

Upon an attempt to de-worm a pet, if signs of vomiting, lethargic and diarrhea are present one may want to contact their veterinarian in the attempt to save their pet from dehydration. Dewormer side effects may bring on additional complications when roundworm dewormers are not offered as recommended. For more information on what steps to take when dewoming a dog contact the thousands of available Experts.
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