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Honda Rotor Questions

Do you need how-to instructions on replacing a Honda rotor? Do you need troubleshooting tips to check the rotor? Often, car owners are not aware whom to approach for help when faced with such issues. This is when calling an Expert or seeking a professional’s opinion can serve as the best possible alternative. Read below where you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on Honda rotor problems that have been answered by the Experts.

What could cause a Honda disc brake rotor to warp?

Overheating and excessive machining can cause a rotor to get damaged. The best recourse would be to replace the rotors.

What can cause Honda brakes to grab despite having new rotors, pads and drums?

Additional supply of hydraulic pressure on the brake calipers from a faulty proportioning control valve (PCV) can cause this to happen. However, if the vehicle is ABS equipped, it could also occur from a defective ABS pump that needs to be checked.

What could cause a Honda car to shimmer even after replacing its brakes and rotors?

If the replaced brakes and rotors were aftermarket ones, they could still be defective causing this problem to occur. Thus, replacing them with a Honda part is the best option to repair this problem.

How to take out the front rotors on a 1995 Honda Accord EX?

First, remove the entire control arm and the spindle. Then, using a press pull out the wheel bearing from the vehicle. Finally, press the wheel bearing back into its plate and take out the rotor for replacement. Another option could be to use an air hammer and strike the wheel bearing without having it removed from the vehicle to get access to the rotor to replace it.

What could cause a Honda car to shudder despite a rotor replacement?

This could be caused either by worn out brake pads or faulty hub bearings. Troubleshoot these components to pinpoint the true cause of this problem.

What could cause resurfaced Honda rotors to still pulsate?

This could be from a damaged rotor that may need to be replaced to fix the issue. However, a sticking or rusted caliper can sometimes lead to causing this as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to troubleshoot this problem with an Expert to pinpoint its true fault.

What can be done to stop a noise that is coming out from a corroded Honda rotor?

The best course of action would be to have the rotors machined and the brake pads replaced. Alternately, one may opt to fix this problem temporarily by driving the vehicle for a couple of miles. This will allow the braking area of the vehicle to get rid of the surface rust, if any.

What is the reason a Honda steering wheel shakes even after replacing the rotors?

Most commonly, it could be due to a bad rotor. However, in some situations, it may also occur from a faulty caliper, a defective inner tie rod, a worn out wheel bearing or frozen caliper slide pins. To determine the exact fault, troubleshoot each of these components.

What causes the Honda caliper to lock up the driver’s side wheel despite having new rotors, pads and a brake hose?

The most common cause could be a faulty or unadjusted brake light switch. Have the switch tested to ensure if there is a free brake pedal movement. If so, it could point to a defect in the master cylinder that could be replaced to fix the issue.

How to remove a Honda rotor when the ball joint, CV shaft, wheel spring and the brake pads have been taken out?

First, take out the axle. Then, unbolt the four screws that are attached to the rear of the bearing flange. After this, pull out the hub assembly from the hub by gently striking on it. Finally, have the rotor removed once the assembly is out. However, make sure to apply some rust release penetrant spray on the hub prior to tapping it out to avoid getting stuck.

If you don’t know the exact cause of a particular Honda rotor problem or are not sure if the part needs replaced, asking an Expert is always a good idea. Experts will not only help to reduce the complication of the problem and resolve it effectively but also save you time and money from visiting an auto repair shop in person. 

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