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Mercedes Rotors related Questions

Mercedes rotors are an enduring and reliable component of the vehicle. The first set of rotors usually last through one set of brake pads before there is a need for replacement. However it may not be uncommon for both Mercedes rotors and brake pads to be replaced at the same time. Usually prior to replacement, it is recommended to have them measured. If below the minimum thickness, it may be time to go ahead with the replacement. If they measure above the minimum specifications, they not need to be replaced until the next service.

To get more information about the Mercedes Benz rotor, below are common questions answered by Experts.

Can front pads and Mercedes rotors be replaced without changing any sensors?

It is possible to replace the brake pads and rotors and reuse the old brake pad wear sensors. This is possible provided that the low brake pad warning light has not illuminated. Another thing to ensure is that none of the sensors should have been cut or rubbed by the brake rotor. This can be confirmed by inspecting the part of the sensor that inserts into the brake pad. The Mercedes rotors are very similar to the ones on regular domestic cars. A little brake fluid should be removed from the master cylinder before the caliper pistons is pressed back. Once done, remember to pump the brake pedal a few times.

When should Mercedes rotors be turned?

It is possible to turn any rotor whether it is slotted or vented. Typically shops will opt to turn rotors only if there was some sort of “warping” issue. Normally the warping is due to heat soaks causing the brakes to pulsate. This rotor problem occurs if they are too thin to transfer heat, therefore requiring to be turned. Mercedes Benz does not recommend turning or cutting rotors.

Can a safety issue arise if the Mercedes rotors are above specifications and the rotors have been turned as well?

There is no cause for worry a long as the Mercedes rotors are above the standard minimum thickness. There may not be a need for resurfacing rotors while replacing brake pads if brake pulsation is absent. New Mercedes brake pads should realign with old Mercedes rotors normally. In either scenario, the situation is safe. The drawback of resurfacing rotors is that there is no wheel hub to mount the rotor to while resurfacing is carried out. This can result in the probability of a severe cut in the rotor and create a shudder effect.

Is it possible for Mercedes Benz rotors to score at 12,000 miles? Will this be a warranty job?

If driven regularly and no brake pulsation is noticed, the rotor displaying scoring or grooves is normal. This is especially the case if the brakes are not making noise nor are they pulsating. If there is some or lot of discoloration in the Mercedes rotor, the caliper may be hanging up. If this is the case, one side of the brake pads may wear out faster than the other. The car may possibly pull to the left or right when stepping off the gas. With respect to warranty, the Mercedes rotors and brake pads are warranted for 12 months or 12,000 miles against noises and defects.

After replacing the brake pads and turning the Mercedes rotors on the 2002 SLK230, why do the brakes make a loud squealing noise? Anti-squeal was applied to the back of the pads.

There may not be anything that was done incorrectly here. The noise could be related to the compound which the brake pad was made out of. It should be ensured the anti-rattle hardware was installed properly similar to what was originally present on the brake pads. If this is done, remove the brake pads and cut three small diagonal grooves (quarter inch deep) into the pad using a hacksaw. This facilitates the escape or dissipation of gases that can get trapped between the pad and the Mercedes rotor. This should stop the squeal from recurring.

Mercedes Benz rotors are an important component of the vehicle. Their regular maintenance and inspection are important for the smooth functioning of the brakes on the Mercedes. The problems with Mercedes rotors can be varied, simple or complicated. Taking on the task of a Mercedes Benz rotor replacement or Mercedes rotor troubleshooting can be intimidating. Users may have several questions or require the right information. This is where the Experts can provide a step-by-step guidance and help complete the task successfully.
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