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Root Canal Problems

What is a root canal?

When a dentist is referring to a root canal, the dentist is talking about the space that is in a root of a tooth. The root canal is the space within a tooth that generally consists of the pulp chamber and generally connects the root canals together to the surface of the tooth, main canals, anatomical branches that connect each other together. Root canals are a common procedure, even though this is common many individuals still have questions regarding a root canal procedure, root canal medications, and the root canal effects. Read below to find Expert answers pertaining to a root canal surgery.

If a person has a root canal treatment done on their tooth 4 years ago and then decided not to get the crown placed, can the person go and have the crown placed after four years?

In most cases, when a dentist does a root canal and then places a crown on the tooth, the reason they would do this is because when the root canal is done the blood supply is cut off from the tooth and this makes the tooth more brittle. The person may still be able to get the crown placed on the tooth, which is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes and then in a couple of weeks a follow up visit.

If a person had a root canal on their lower front tooth a couple of years ago and then noticed that their gum has shrunk and is exposing more of the tooth and movement in the tooth, will the tooth become more stable or is there a treatment for this?

When a person has issues with their teeth being loose, then they may have periodontal disease or they could have some bone loss. There are some cases where the dentist may be able to grind down the other teeth to stop them from grinding together and then this may help the loose tooth from having pressure placed on them. The person may want to have an x-ray done to see if there is bone loss in the jaw bone.

Would an individual need to see a doctor if the individual had a root canal and some of the cement has went into their sinus canal?

In most cases, there is a possibility of there being a root tip just at the floor of the sinus cavity, and the dentist should have considered this, but if dentist did fill the cavity with cement then the person would need to make an appointment with an experienced oral surgeon. The person may need a sinus lift, because the cement may cause the person to have chronic sinus infections or even the loss of the tooth.

If a person had a root canal in a tooth that did not need one, but is still feeling pain throughout their jaw, what could this be?

If a person had a tooth canal in a tooth, then they should not have any kind of sensation in the tooth. If a person is having issues with sensation in the tooth, then there may be an extra canal that was missed. The dentist may fill the canal with an amalgam filling or make a temporary crown that does not leak. The person would need to speak with their dentist to see what kind of treatment that is best for the tooth.

When a person has issues with the dental pulp in their teeth, then the dentist may request that the person get a root canal. When the person is faced with this decision, then they may have questions regarding what a root canal is or the procedure to get a root canal. When these questions arise, then the person would need to ask an Expert.
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