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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

What is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as well as the symptoms? How is this condition diagnosed?

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is a condition that can be caused by a tick bite. This illness has some unclear clinical signs and often those who are affected may not be able to identify the bite. Common symptoms of this illness can include a fever, headache, rashes, and fatigue, joint and abdominal pain.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be diagnosed with the help of an IGG (immunoglobulin G Test) indirect fluorescent antibody test where two blood samples are taken three weeks apart. The first sample may be taken during the initial period of illness and the second three weeks later. Sometimes, a third sample may be needed. Individuals who have been diagnosed with this condition may have different questions regarding the treatment, recovery time and prognosis. Read below where some commonly asked questions have been answered by Experts.

How long does it take for someone to recover from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Someone may take up to two weeks to completely recover from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. However, fatigue resulting from this condition can last longer. If there are any complications such as heart disease or lung disease occur, the fatigue can take longer and the individual may not be able to make a full recovery.

Can a person relapse from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? If so, how can it be prevented?

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be considered the most relapsing fever. Once recovered, the patient can be tested for the tick itself, blood samples and a rash specimen test to see if the organism is still present in the body. The individual can also have to undergo kidney function tests and blood clotting profile because the illness can affect the kidneys, heart and the blood clotting system.

What are some of the neurological complications that can occur with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can often cause several neurological complications such as paralysis, movement, hearing and language disorders. Individuals can also suffer from neuralgia such as pain that is caused by any condition that affects the nerves.

What antibiotics can be given for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

There are two common antibiotics that can be given for this condition. These antibiotics can include Tetracycline and Chloramphenicol. When these medications are prescribed, the full dosage should be taken. In some cases, patients may also need a renewed dose of these medications to fully treat this condition.

How long will it take for spots caused by Rocky Mountain spotted fever to disappear?

Spots from this condition can take a couple months to fully disappear even after the individual has recovered from symptoms. Individuals may need to modify their diet and include citrus drinks and use a cream known as “Fade Out” before bed to help these spots fade quickly.

How long does it take an infected tick to cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever?

The tick may have to stay on a person’s skin for at least 6 hours for the transmission on rickettsia, the bacterium that causes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

What are some of the diseases that may result in a false positive test for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Some of the conditions that may lead to a false positive test for this condition are Lyme Disease and Ehrlichiosis as both of these conditions are tick borne diseases.

How long will it take for the muscle and joint pain caused by Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to go down?

The time for joint and muscle pain to reduce may depend on how long before treatment was started that pain began. The pain may not be chronic and could resolve within 1-2 weeks after starting medication. Individuals can also take an anti-inflammatory medication to help with the pain. Some over-the-counter options can include Advil and Aleve.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be a life threatening condition if it is not identified early nor treated on time. If this condition is left untreated, it can lead to some serious complications and even damage some organs. Having proper information about this illness and knowing how to prevent complications or relapses can help someone deal with it better. In some situations, speaking to an Expert and having all the information needed about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be helpful.
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