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Road Traffic Act Regulations

The Road Traffic Act Regulation specifies how the government can make different provisions in certain areas of the functioning of motor vehicles. The provisions can be the changing of speeding limits in certain areas, rules and regulations of certain driving offenses.

Does the Lemon Law apply to a dealership that doesn’t inform a customer about defects in a new vehicle that is sold in the state of Maryland?

Maryland's Lemon Law consists of automobiles that are verified and registered in Maryland. There are guidelines to what vehicles those are under Lemon Law this includes; the cars have to been less than 24 months old. In addition, the miles driven on the car have to be less than about 18,000 miles. Lemon Law states that a dealership must fix problems in a vehicle within 30 days that the problems are notified by the customer. The dealer must be able to go in and take care of the situation; if the situation is not handled then the person that bought the vehicle is rewarded money back or awarded another vehicle to replace the defected one.

What can be done for a person that has a first time offense speeding on a highway? What is the best course of action?

There are different options that the person can go about handling this certain situation. The first option is going to court on the date that is appointed; once the person goes to court, the person can attempt to set up a bargain with the prosecutor. The person would have to put in a plea of being guilty to try and set the person in a position of being giving a lower fine. Second, a person can attend a traffic school that could help the person delete fines or tickets that they are given. Of course, the third option would be accepting the ticket received and pay their fine.

If a person receives ticket for no registration receipt, no updated sticker, failure to maintain insurance, failure to produce card, failure to report address change, what actions can the person take?

If the person has insurance but, didn’t physically have the card present at time of receiving ticket; then the card should be taken to court and shown to the judge. By doing this and having the card present to show that the card is effective can possibly help at getting that part of the ticket thrown out. The person should go and have the vehicle registered so that section of business will be appropriately handled before the person is seen in court. In the case that the person is out of state, this individual will need to notify the court house and inform them of this inconvenience and explain the reason this individual is not able to get their car inspected or registered. By doing this, this would possibly avoid any more legal actions and cost against the individual.

If a person is charged with failure to obey traffic laws/signs and driving without a license, what would be the punishment?

In some cases the person that is charge could be facing a misdemeanor. The misdemeanor will be in the first degree which comes along with the person possibly serving up to 6 months of jail time. In some cases this is not only the punishment, but the individual could be looking at a fine that could add up to $1,000/.

Is it okay to cross over a double yellow line when backing out of an angled parking spot?

In some cases and states there is nothing wrong or out of order with a person backing out of an angled parking lot spot that crosses a double yellow tap. This is to say that as long as it is on a road that is not an area that is restricted or blocks the passage of other on coming vehicles.

Road traffic issues are problems that are encountered everyday throughout the world. Many Experts provide answers to concerned individual that seek help and answers to different questions that include the Road Traffic Act 1998 and the Road Traffic Act Regulations. These questions may trouble or confuse some individuals. Above are the answers to inquiring minds that lead to asking these questions about Road Traffic Act Regulations.
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