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Road Test Rules

What is a road test?

A road test is a type of test administered during a driving test that covers the driver’s ability under normal operating conditions. The examiner will take the driver out and administer the road test throughout a certain route throughout the city, testing the driver on how they operate the vehicle.

If a person is caught driving on a learner’s permit without a licensed driver in the car, how long would the person have to wait before he/she is able to take the road test to gain his/her license?

Until the person is convicted of the charge, then he/she can take the road test and gain his/her license. If the person is convicted of the charge, even after he/she gets his/her license, then they can suspend his/her driving privileges for a period of 6 months or longer. The statute reads as follows; “section 509. A violation of any provision of this section shall be punishable by a fine of not less than seventy-five nor more than three hundred dollars, or by imprisonment for not more than fifteen days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.” The person would need to retain a criminal lawyer to get the best possible outcome.

If a person’s license was suspended in Oregon due to medical reasons, can they get a license in Colorado if they move there?

The person would need to gain a letter from a doctor in the state of Colorado saying that his/her driving privileges need to be reinstated. Once the person gains this letter, then he/she would be able to take the road test, written test, and the vision test to gain his/her license.

If a person wants to take the road test to gain his/her license, how would they get the list of the requirements to get his/her license?

The person would be able to contact the DNV or the Department of Public Safety and speak with someone on the phone. Someone at one of those offices would be able to tell the person what he/she needs to do to be able to take the road test to gain his/her license. If the person has a suspension on his/her license, then he/she may only be able to get a hardship license.

If a person took a road test and passed and then had someone call into the Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles claiming the person was driving under a medical condition, how could the person get the name of the person that made the report?

In most cases, The Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will not release the name of the person/persons whom have called in and made a complaint against another person. The person whom the complaint is made against would have to prove the charges to be false, and then file a suit to gain a subpoena to get the records that would have in them the name of the person/persons that made the complaint.

When a person takes a road test as part of their driver’s license test, it will determine if they are able to drive under the conditions of the road. The person may run into questions about situations that happen before or after they take their road tests or after they take the road test or questions that pertain to the road test itself. The person would need to seek the advice of and Expert to gain the answers to the questions he/she may have.
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