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Questions on Road Rage Laws

What is road rage?

Most of us would have experienced hectic times when driving down the road. Often times we are cut off and the other driver might behave in aggression by a rude gesture, insults, or purposely driving dangerously or making the road ways unsafe to other individuals. All these actions can be classified as road rage. When being involved in a road rage incident the outcomes can lead to arguments, assaults and even a car wreck. Road rage can also be referred to aggressive driving.

In the event that an individual is involved in a road rage incident how can this individual prove the road rage occurred?

In this case, the type of proof will vary all depending on the situation. In some cases, if an individual had someone that could of witnessed the road rage, they can provide a statement to the local police force, or there may be a witness within the community that had seen the incident. Often time’s incidents like these happen where the traffic cameras can pick up what happened, the law enforcement can get a hold of these videos, and see firsthand of what happened. Now, when a situation occurs and one individual is holding a weapon of any sort, the law enforcement many times can locate this weapon in the vehicle. This too will support the road rage case.

In the state of West Virginia, what can you do if you were a victim of road rage and feel the offender had tried to kill you?

In this case you may have two available options. One option would be to contact their local police department and see if they can file a citation against the individual that was the cause of the incident. When filing tickets and citations, it will be left up to the police officer if they believe that this was in fact a road rage incident, and this decision can all depend on if there was a witness available. Another option you can consider would be a civil action. You can look into filing a law suit again this individual for carless infliction of emotional distress. This will claim that the individual at fault had the responsibility to avoid causing emotional distress to you.

Is there a road rage law in the state of North Carolina?

The state of North Carolina does not have a certain law that deals with road rage. However, the courts do recognize conflict with the action of road rage in many court cases. Normally, individuals will sue another individual for any damage that is done to their vehicles or individual who is careless. A victim of road rage should then contact the local police enforcement where this incident has happened and state the individual’s name and vehicle information to see if they are able to file a complaint dealing with the situation.

In the state of Wisconsin if an individual is cited for first offense road rage will this individual be looking at jail time?

In some cases the individual will not be looking at jail time since this is their first offense. In many cases the court will fine the individual and will allow the individual to make payment arrangements in order to pay the fine off. If the individual in unable to pay the fine then the individual can be looking at losing their license, or the court will issue a bench warrant, and then the individual will be looking at jail time, for whatever the judge feels is appropriate.

When involved in a road rage incident, it is important to be aware that some states within the United States recognize the road rage laws. Not all states have laws against road rage. Those states that do not recognize road rage often times will have different classifications of road rage. In order to find out if the state you reside in recognizes the road rage laws and how the law may impact your individual situation, you can ask an Expert.
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