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Rimadyl for Dogs

What is rimadyl for dogs?

Rimadyl is normally used for pain when a dog is having dental work done; this medication is not considered a steroid but is used as an anti-inflammatory. Another use for Rimadyl in dogs is for arthritis and hip dysphasia. When rimadyl is used in dogs it has been very successful in reducing the pain that the dog has been experiencing. Rimadyl comes in chewable and scored tablets in 25milligram, 75milligram and even 10milligram. Often, individuals can even receive pills that are flavored in order to help administer the pills easier to the dog. You can read below where the Experts have answered many frequently asked questions pertaining rimadyl for dogs.

If a dog has become bloated while on rimadyl; could this be because of the medication?

Rimadyl is not often known to cause bloating; however this medication can lead to different type of liver failure. Liver failure can cause fluid in the dog’s abdomen which can look like bloating. These symptoms normally appear after a long time of the dog being on the medication.

If a dog is on 75 milligrams of rimadyl and 50 milligrams of tramadol could this cause diarrhea; and what could be the treatment for this?

In some case, it could be very possible that the Rimadyl is causing the dog to have diarrhea. Rimadyl has a history for causing GI (gastrointestinal) problems. This individual might consider stopping the this medication, using just the tramadol as a pain reliever should work for the dog just fine since it is a stronger pain medication. This individual can try feeding the dog boiled chicken and boiled rice. Probably a good portion size would be about 25% chicken and 75% boiled rice. This should help the dogs stool become more firm. If the issue clears up individual might try weaning the dog back to its regular food. On the other hand if the issue does not go away the individual may need to take their dog to the vet.

Can rimadyl and doxycycline be given at the same time?

In many cases it may be safe to give both of these medications at the same time; the rimadyl is an anti-inflammatory which is used mainly for pain. Rimadyl can cause vomiting and diarrhea, this medication is normally recommended to be taken with food. These side effects are not very common. Now for the Doxycycline, this medication is used to fight common infections like tick borne disease and respiratory diseases. The doxycycline has about the same side effects as Rimadyl; the vomiting is more likely to be prevented if given with a meal rather than the rimadyl.

What should be done if a dog ate 12,000 milligrams of Rimadyl?

This is a very large amount of rimadyl for a dog to eat, considering 200mg is the maximum dose that is prescribed in a day. The individual may consider having their dog seen by a vet right away, since this is a very large overdose. When a dog ingests that much rimadyl it can cause the dog to have liver failure and even get ulcers in the intestines and stomach.

Rimadyl is a serious medication that can cause serious side effects if not given to a dog properly, but if the medication is given the way it is prescribed it can be a very helpful medication. When giving medication to a dog, this can be a difficult task. Some pet owners don’t know the normal side effects of the medication; which can be very scary. For more information regarding rimadyl for dogs and the side effects you can contact the thousands of Experts for reliable answers.
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