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Revenue Service Questions

What is the revenue service?

A revenue service is a government agency that is responsible for looking into the government’s revenue – both taxable and non taxable revenue. Given below are some of the important questions about the revenue service that have been answered by the Experts.

What can an individual do if he/she believes that the audit of taxes done by the revenue service is incorrect?

If an individual feels that the audit of taxes done by the revenue service is incorrect, he/she may request them for an informal conference. An informal conference will give the individual an opportunity to discuss with the revenue service and tell them what the individual thinks is wrong in the audit. It will also give the revenue service a chance to present their arguments and convince the individual that the audit is not wrong.

Would it be considered a violation of the IRS code if an individual hired his/her own child and paid the child?

If an individual hired his/her own child and paid the child, it may not be considered a violation of the IRS code as long as the child is performing legitimate duties in the organization and is being paid according to the current market rates for the duties.

What legal steps must the Internal Revenue Service follow while placing a federal tax lien on an individual?

The IRS may have to stick to a collection process while placing a federal tax lien on an individual. The IRS may first send a notification or bill of the collection process to the individual. The individual may be informed of his/her taxpayer rights during the entire process. The IRS may have to file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. This notice is filed so that the IRS can be prioritized as a creditor incase the individual files for bankruptcy. The individual’s accounts may become delinquent if he/she does not respond to the first two notices. Once the account becomes delinquent, it will be passed onto an automated collection system. The individual will then be contacted by someone from this system to come up with a plan for payment. At any point of time, if the individual does not cooperate with the IRS, they can either seize or sell the individual’s property. The individual will be allowed to request for a hearing at the House of Appeals once the notice is filed.

What can an individual do if he/she is unable to pay when the IRS starts its collection process?

If an individual is unable to pay the IRS when it starts the collection process for taxes owed, the individual may request for an extension of time, may ask for an installment agreement, may request a delay in starting the collection process or may make an offer in compromise to the IRS.

Can an individual’s social security benefits be garnished by the Internal Revenue Service?

The internal revenue service may have the legal right to garnish an individual’s social security benefits for unpaid federal taxes. In most situations, the benefits will be garnished at the rate of 15% per month under the Automated Federal Payment Levy Program.

Can the IRS be forced by the tax court to collect unpaid taxes from individuals?

The IRS may not be forced by the tax court to collect unpaid taxes from individuals. The court may only give a judgment against the individual. It is up to the Internal Revenue Service to decide if it wants to pursue the individual for the payment or not.

The revenue service may perform many duties that may be difficult for people to understand. You must be aware of the rules and processes of the revenue service so that you know what to do in case you have to work with them for payment of taxes. You can ask an Expert if you have any questions regarding the revenue service or need any more information.
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