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Retrograde Ejaculation Questions

What is retrograde ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition where the semen goes into the bladder rather than passing through the penis during an orgasm. The individual can still climax however there may be no or very little semen. This can be known as a dry orgasm, this is not dangerous to a man but could cause infertility. There are some medications that can cause this condition or certain surgeries that can affect muscles or nerves of the bladder. In cases where a medication is the cause of the retrograde ejaculation treatment could be as simple as discontenting the medication. If the cause of this condition is from surgery or health problems there are medications that can reverse the condition. This treatment is generally only given to restore fertility.

What are the symptoms of retrograde ejaculation and when should one see a doctor?

Retrograde ejaculation symptoms can include but are not limited to:
• A dry orgasm, there may be little to no semen
• Cloudy colored urine because of the semen in the urine
• Infertility

This condition is not harmful to an individual’s body other than causing infertility. Normally the only time a physician is consulted is if the patient is trying to have children. In some cases it could be best to wait one year after having unprotected sexual intercourse with no pregnancy to see a doctor. The reason for this is because the stress of trying to have a child could cause becoming pregnant more difficult. For more information about retrograde ejaculation read below where Experts have answered many question.

If someone has retrograde ejaculation would semanex be able to help?

Semanex normally will not help an individual that has retrograde ejaculation. Normally taking Sudafed 90 milligrams around three hours before intercourse can help. If someone is taking any form of prostate medication, this can be the cause of retrograde ejaculation. These medications may need to be stopped before the ejaculation can return to normal.

Can retrograde ejaculation cause any serious issues to the body? Can the pressure from the blocked ejaculation cause damage to the person’s bladder?

Retrograde ejaculation is not a harmful condition to any part of the human body. This condition is where the semen passes into the bladder instead or out the penis. The semen will later be urinated out of the body, so there is no blockage cause for this condition.

Can retrograde ejaculation be reversed?

In some cases retrograde ejaculation can be reversed. This can be done by discontinuing certain medications or by taking medication. Treatment depends on the cause of the ejaculation problem. There are some cases that cannot be reversed such as when an individual has had surgery to fix Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). This surgery opens the bladder completely to allow an individual to urinate easier. At this point the semen will take the path into the bladder because there is less resistance.

Retrograde ejaculation can sound scary to individuals that have never heard of it. This condition is not dangerous to the body, unless one is trying to have a child. This condition can be treated to where an individual can properly ejaculate again. For more information about retrograde ejaculation individuals can contact an Expert.
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