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Social Security Retroactive Benefits

Social security benefits are able to be paid retroactively in some cases. But what are these cases? How can an individual know if they are eligible for retroactive benefits? There are requirements that must be met, but what are the requirements that must be met to be eligible for retroactive benefits? Below are questions that people have asked in regards to social security retroactive benefits that have been answered by the Experts.

How is a person eligible for social security retroactive benefits?

A person may be eligible or entitled to social security retroactive benefits for the months prior to the month that they filed for benefits. The social security retroactive benefits are based on a date of entitlement when an individual meets all of the prerequisites needed for entitlement, but filing for benefits is not one of the prerequisites. There are some time constraints in how far back social security retroactive benefits will go back. Retroactive benefits for claims such as survivor and full retirement may be paid up to six months retroactive. Other cases that in involve disabilities may pay retroactive benefits up to 12 months back. However, there are a few cases which involve disabilities that do not pay retroactive benefits such as medical insurance, SSI, special age 72 payments, or black lung benefits.

Is it possible to receive SSDI without retroactive benefits?

It is possible for an individual to receive SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) without receiving retroactive benefits. The way that this is possible is that there is a date of disability, or the day that the individual was considered disabled by social security rules. This date must be at least five months from the time the person became disabled to the time that they became eligible for disability benefits. So if an individual were to file for SSDI and the date that they are granted is not 5 months from the date of disability then they would receive no retroactive benefits. Even though all of this is true the fact remains that the process of approval takes some time and more often than not individuals filing usually end up with retroactive benefits.

Are retroactive benefits available for children survivor claims?

Social security pays retroactive benefits for many claims, which includes survivor benefits, but when it comes to children survivor claims it does not pay retroactive benefits.

How are retroactive benefits paid out?

Social security retroactive benefits are paid out in a lump to the individual. This lump sum of retroactive benefits may be paid as a check or it may also be direct deposited if the individual has chosen to receive their monthly benefits thru direct deposit.

Is it possible for an individual to receive social security retroactive benefits when they are no longer eligible for benefits?

Yes it is possible for an individual to receive social security retroactive benefits even after they are no longer eligible for monthly benefits. This is possible if the individual has filed an application when they are not longer eligible for monthly benefits, if they met all of the eligibility requirements for retroactive benefits during a period of six months before the month an individual files their application. The retroactive benefit payments will end the month before the individual became ineligible.

Many people are eligible for social security benefits; some of these individuals may also be able to collect retroactive benefits. These people have to meet certain requirements and file a claim. There are several cases that may retro back as far back as a year, but most cases only retro back six months. The best way for a person to learn what they need to know is to speak to an Expert.
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