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Retainer Questions

A retainer is a slightly thick plastic device used to help with many dental issues. They are most commonly used as a replacement in patients who are having braces removed. This device is thought to help realign crocked teeth or teeth that have grown in abnormally. There are several types of retainers that can be used depending on what treatment is necessary. In most cases retainer must be worn continuously however there are certain types that need only to be worn at night. In the early years retainers were somewhat bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Throughout the years the design has become more form fitting and easier to wear. Read below where Experts have answered questions regarding retainers.

Can wearing a retainer cause sores?

There have been instances where patients have reported sores due to the use of retainers. In many cases this can be due to improperly fitted devices however this is often easily corrected. Generally the dentist can shave off a portion of the acrylic to help relieve any discomfort that may be causing the sore. In rare cases allergic reactions can occur from the acrylic used to make the retainer. This too may lead to sores forming in the mouth.

Can a retainer be used to replace a missing tooth?

There are a few ways a missing tooth can be dentally replaced. Read below for a list of tooth replacement methods:
• Bridges can be used
• Partial denture which can act as a retainer to help keep the other teeth inline
• Or a permanent tooth replacement

Can a retainer cause a black spot of the tonsils?

It is possible for the tonsils to develop a spot due to wearing a retainer. This can be an allergic reaction the material the retainer is made more. However, there are a few other things that should be ruled out as well.

Can a retainer cause a metal taste?

There are many things that can cause a metallic taste in a person’s mouth. While retainers are partially made up of wire they don’t usually cause this effect. However, if someone has one or more mercury filled teeth this may be the cause of the metallic taste. But many times there is an underlying condition to blame. Such conditions can be acid reflux, respiratory infection, and medicinal reaction. It is advisable to consult a physician to rule out or confirm any of the above conditions.

Can retainers cause sores on the mouth?

There are some cases where dental devices such as retainers can cause sore of the mouth, both inside and outside. This is generally due to poorly fitted devices. But at times these types of sores can also be from vitamin deficiencies and bacterial or fungal infections. If a sore on the mouth is due to a retailer or other dental device over the counter steroids can be applied. Consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment options.

Can super glue be used to fix a retainer?

While super glue can be a beneficial substance for repairing many things, it is not advisable to use it on devices like retainers that are worn inside the human mouth. The chemicals of this substance can be highly toxic when consumed or swallowed. Not to mention the damage that can be caused to the teeth themselves.

There are many types of retainers that can be used depending on what dental procedure needed to be done. In most cases retainers are a beneficial way to corrected dental abnormalities of the teeth. However there are types they can become uncomfortable and cause sores. Dental devices such as these may not be suitable for every. Because of the materials they are made of there is a risk of allergic reaction. When questions arise regarding retainers, individuals should ask an Expert to receive answers to these questions and more.
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