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Resort Laws

What is a resort?

A resort is a place that people may go to for a vacation or to relax and spend some time away from work. In most situations, individuals may have timeshares with resorts. It is important to know the various resort laws so that individuals know the rules and regulations of staying at a resort property. Given below are popular questions about resort laws that people may ask.

What can an Individual do if a Developer of a Resort does not provide him/her with the Services that were Promised in the Contract when the Property was Purchased?

If the developer of a resort does not provide an individual with the promised services at the time of purchase, the developer may be in default under the contract. As a result, the individual may file a suit against the developer for any damages on the property that were caused because of the developer not keeping his/her promise. If the judgment is in favor of the individual, he/she may have the sheriff serve a summons on the developer for debt examination. This means, the developer may have to meet a judgment creditor in court and give information about his/her assets. Once the information is obtained, the individual may garnish wages or have the sheriff seize the property.

Can the Owners of a Resort charge the Tenants for Garbage Services even if they don’t Reside on the Property all year round?

It may be legal for the owners of a resort to charge for garbage services even if the tenants do not reside on the property for the entire year. If the contract allows them to charge a fee for the services, they may be able to do so.

What can an Individual do if the Resort Owners gave his/her Room to Accommodate Handicapped People?

According to the ADA, the resort is expected to make reasonable provisions for disabled individuals. This could also mean converting some of the units in the resort to make them accessible to handicapped people. If the individual owns a timeshare in the resort, then as long as his/her time period is not affected and the individual is given a similar room, it would not be considered illegal if the resort takes an individual’s room to make accommodations for the handicapped. In such a situation, the individual may not be able to take any action against the resort.

Can an Individual Stop Paying Maintenance Fee on a Resort Timeshare?

An individual may not stop paying maintenance fee on a resort timeshare. This may have a negative impact on his/her credit and the resort may take action against him/her.

Can the HOA of a Resort Restrict the Owner from Conducting Home Business from his/her Unit?

If the property is zoned as residential, then the HOA of a resort may have a legal right to stop the owner of a unit from conducting business from his/her unit. The HOA may have restrictions from both the deed and the association and as a result, may not allow the unit owner from using the unit for any purpose other than residential.

Having information about resort laws will help individuals who either live in a resort property or have a timeshare with a resort.
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