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Resolution Management Conference Questions

During a divorce, the purpose of a resolution management conference is to help the court with organizing the case to move along to a final decision, and then to help the parties’ recognize what can be agreed on. When there is something agreed upon, those agreements are put on record, and then decisions are taken as to which issues to debate and how that arguments can be resolved. The belief of a resolution management conference is to keep the family court concerns in a non-adversarial position as long as possible. Read below the most commonly asked questions about resolution management conference.

What is a resolution management conference?

A resolution management conference is a meeting between spouses, their attorneys, and the judge. This conference is intended to work out an agreement around issues that are under argument. If there is no agreement between the spouses, then it normally results in a case scheduled for trial.

When requesting for a resolution management conference do you need a lawyer?

While requesting for a resolution conference, you do not normally need to have a lawyer present. Sometimes, not having lawyers present can result in the two people resolving arguments by mutual agreement and compromise. Requesting a settlement conference can be a way to get things resolved without forcing the court to rule. It can also make the court’s job easier if people agree on all issues.

If a resolution management conference is set, how does one go about asking for a different judge to hear the case?

They would need to motion for reconsideration. This involves stating the reasons why they want a different judge to oversee the case and why they want their case to be reheard. Sometimes judges may not grant these motions and then it is up to the person to appeal to the next higher court. Or, if they have already been heard by the superior court, they will need to file a motion with the supreme court.

In the state of Arizona if someone has to attend a resolution management conference how can they find a pro bono attorney to come with them to the meeting?

They would need to contact their local legal aid, and they if can’t assist them the only way to actually find a free attorney is to call each attorney in their local area and see if anyone can help. Attorneys normally don’t offer free services, so it can be hard to locate a pro bono in most situations unless they are connected with the legal aid.

Is it legal for a local police officer to carry their firearm when appearing for a resolution management conference with their own spouse?

Normally, officers are allowed to carry their own personal firearms into a courtroom. On the other hand, in most situations, based on the reasons why the officer was at this conference, it is a best practice to have the firearm checked in with the front desk before going into their own meeting. If the officer’s spouse is concerned about this, she can bring it to attention to their own attorney and the officers’ commanding officer to see that this doesn’t happen again in the future. When agreeing to appear in a resolution management conference, spouses are agreeing in principle to try and make an agreement before going to trial after a divorce. Many times it is because two spouses are trying to reach an agreement either on child custody, child support, spousal support, asset and debt division, attorney fees, name change or any other issues involved in the family law case.
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