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Military Reserve Questions

What is the US Military Reserves?

The US Military Reserves is a Federal Reserve force for the Military. The reserves were created in 1908 to keep aside medical officers for the Military. Reserve soldiers often only serve part time duties as opposed to full time soldiers. Although, part time soldiers often rotate to full time soldiers. When not on active duty these reserve soldiers often perform training courses one weekend out of the month, which is known as inactive duty. Read below where Experts answer questions regarding US Military Reserve and legal implications regarding Military Reserve Pay.

What is Military Reserve Pay?

Military Reserve Pay all depends on the years in service and what rank the soldier is. Listed below are ranges from a soldier basic enlisted pay chart from 2 years to 6 years.

Private E1- $1379 to $1491 Private E2- $1671 Private E3- $1757 to $1981 Private E4- $1947 to $2363
Private E5- $2123 to $2662 Private E6- $2318 to $2886 and Private E7- $2680 to $3301.

What recourse does a spouse have when their spouse had an affair while in the army reserves?

If the spouse does decide to divorce, there might be an effect that the other spouse is charged with adultery and this can have an effect on their earning power and the access to money. The spouse would be entitled to an amount of whatever the charged spouse is making through a divorce decree. The amount will be decided by the court and not the military. As for what kind of discipline the charged spouse will receive, they would need to report this information to the commander. Then the punishment is entirely up to the commander. The punishment could be counseling, separation or even court martial.

If a member of the military reserves is served with child support papers, what is the first step they should take?

If the military member is still in active duty, the service member will need to contact JAG which is a legal assistance to see if they can help the service member apply for a delay under the Service Members Civil Relief Act. If they are not granted the delay, then the service member will need to hire an attorney from the state the claim was from to represent them.

Can custodial parents enlist in the military reserves and leave their children with their current spouse, who is not the biological mother?

The non-custodial parent can take this matter to court, and most likely receive full custody until the custodial parent returns. Only the court can grant custody and revoke custody.

When deciding to go through the military reserves, there are many questions that can come to mind. Many people are wondering about the military reserve pay, and what kind of benefits are granted after military reserve retirement. Often times people walk into the military services “blind”, also known as not knowing what they are walking into. Don’t walk into something that you cannot get out of. Contact Experts for more information and legal insight about the entire ups and downs about the military reserves.
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