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Social Security Representative Payee

If a person has questions on how to acquire someone to help with Social Security benefits, getting a representative payee could be a solution. This is a person that applies to the Social Security Association to receive social security benefits for a person that can’t take care of that particular income. However, often this can be a confusing and traumatic experience for someone that does not have all the answers. Read below where Experts have answered some of the most common Social Security Representative Payee questions that have been asked.

If a person is the Representative Payee for a family member; how can a payee receive unreleased benefits for the Family member that is out of prison?

The Social Security Association may often have problems with the process involving checks. The representative payee would need to visit the local social security official for help with this issue. The payee must have evidence stating that the family member is not longer in jail. It must show the date that the family member was released out of jail. After these precautions are taken, then the social security association will direct check once everything is confirmed.

If a parent is the representative payee for a child, then on the representative payee report form, it asks if the children live with the parent for the period in question. What does this mean?

If the children represented don’t live with the payee; then there must be some proof that states that the income coming in is spent on the children and not towards other things. Documentation is mandatory if payee expects to receive the proper funds for the children. If everything is already in place and children are properly taken care of such information is not needed.

If a parent is the representative payee for a child’s benefits, can the child’s sibling sign for writing checks on the payee account?

An action such as this will not be allowed by the bank or the social security association. A signature from another sibling in the family would be violating the rights of the child that is being represented. The payee must protect the financial support of the child and not allow access to the money to come from anyone else. The purpose of the money is to support the needs of the child that the payee is representing.

How does a person become the representative payee of a person that was previously represented by someone else?

The person that is interesting in being the payee must seek an application from the Social Security Office requesting that they become the payee. Also, information stating that the person is not longer affiliated with the previous payee should be presented to the officials at the Social Security Association. is a link that helps with applying to become a representative payee for another individual. Also, the social security officials should be notified about any complications that the person had with their previous payees.

Does Social Security accepts Power of Attorney to get direct deposit transferred to joint account that is a family member and potential representative payee?

Once approved and a person is assigned to be the payee; the money will signed over to the payee. The check that is presented to the payee is to support the needs of the family member that is being represented. Although the money is made out to the payee; there must be proof that the funds are used to take care of the family member. In order to be appointed the representative payee there is an application process. The application is stated as FORM SSA-11 or the individual can call 1-800-772-1213 to set up interview.

Provided above is information on various questions and responses on the topic of Social Security Representative Payee. There are different situations that surround social security payee issues and experts are here to help with the support to help seek out the answers that people may need.

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