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Renter’s Insurance

Renters’ insurance is similar to insurance policies that are taken out on a home or an automobile. First, a person chooses the amount they would like to be covered on the policy for and then selects a deductible. Thereafter, they start paying monthly premiums towards the policy. In the event that something happens to a person’s personal items due to theft, fire or water damage, they can file a claim with the insurance company. They would then receive a payment from the company to replace items that were lost after they pay the monthly deductible. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on renter’s insurance.

If someone had access to your home and stole belongings from it, can Renter’s Insurance cover the theft?

In most cases, this may not be covered by Renter’s insurance. Even if there was a theft clause in the policy, it may be treated as “conversion” which is categorized as a type of civil theft. Conversion is using someone else’s things without being authorized to do so. To fight this, the person can file a lawsuit in court to get the property back via a Writ of Replevin. But, in all probability, the insurance policy may not be able to convert this despite having a theft clause in place.

If a person files a Renter’s Insurance claim and feels as though the insurance company has violated the person’s rights, what can they do about this?

The person would have to obtain legal assistance and file a lawsuit against the insurance company. If the person wins the court case, they could be granted penalties and the insurance company will have to pay for the attorney as well. If the insurance company doesn’t have a legitimate reason for denying a person’s claim despite the person offering all evidence requested for, they could have violated the rights of the contract and can be charged with Breach of Contract.

If an individual had an overlap with Renters Insurance policy when the person was changing companies and the person house burns down; can the person file a claim with both companies?

Typically, a person may not be able to file with both companies as they are allowed by law to only file one insurance claim per incident. In this situation, it is better to file with the insurance company that will offer a better payout.

If a person is a renter with Renters Insurance and has water damage to an area of the house and the landlord suggests tenant to fix it. Can insurance company make the check out to renter for the repairs land lord doesn’t want involved in.

? The renter can inform the insurance company that the check covering all the repairs needs to be made out to them. If the insurance company wants to include the landlord as well, the landlord can write a letter waiving the rights to the proceeds and the renter can submit it to the company on the landlord’s behalf.

There are certain people that don’t own houses but still would love to have insurance just in case of an emergency. There is Renters Insurance for people that may not own a home but, still pay monthly rent in order to have a place to stay. What is Renters Insurance? What is the Renters Insurance rate? Experts are here to answer questions that people may have about Renters Insurance.
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