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Real Estate Renovation Rules

Real estate renovation can be a testing time for both the people living at the property and the people who own the property. There are various renovation rules that individuals need to know before starting the renovation of a property. In some situations, the builder of the property may be responsible for the renovation and in some other situations; the people residing at the property may be responsible. Not knowing the different renovation rules can lead to confusion and frustration. Given below are some of the popular questions that are asked by different individuals about real estate renovation.

Can the Landlord of a Property Charge the Tenant’s Rent Account with Renovation Fees without Prior Notice?

In most situations, the landlord of a property may not charge the tenant’s rent with the real estate renovation fees unless there is a signed contract which says that the tenant would be liable for any kind of renovation done to the property. This is because the property belongs to the landlord and he/she would be renovating it for their benefit. If the landlord charges the tenant with the renovation fees, he/she may either not pay for the renovation and wait for the landlord to pay, or file a lawsuit in the court against the landlord. Another option that the tenant may have is to wait for the landlord to terminate the lease and then tell him/her that he/she had never agreed to pay for the renovation.

What can an Individual do if his/her Property Renovation does not get Approved by the HOA in spite of submitting the required Paperwork?

If an individual’s property renovation does not get approved by the HOA in spite of submitting the required paperwork, he/she may file a formal complaint with the HOA asking to approve the renovation project within a specific period of time. The individual may mention in the complaint that he/she may file a suit against the association and each of the board member if the project does not get approved.

Can a Licensed Contractor charge more than the Original Bid for a Real Estate Renovation?

In most situations, a bid is just an estimate of the renovation cost for a real estate property. Most of the times, the actual cost for the renovation may be higher than the original bid. If the extra cost is reasonable enough, then the homeowner may have to pay it. However, if the contractor tries to breach a contract and charges the homeowner with unnecessarily high rates, then the homeowner may hold back the payment of the renovation cost.

Can a Condominium Association Deny the Property Renovation, even if it improves the Building Code Compliance?

A condominium association may deny property renovation even if it improves the building code compliance.

Should a Tenant Pay Rent during a Major Property Renovation if he/she does not have enough Place to Live in?

If there is major renovation of a property and the tenant does not have enough space to live in, the landlord may provide him/her with another place to live in and not charge any rent. If the landlord does not do so, it would be considered a breach of the warranty of habitability.

Can a Condominium Association take action against a Condo Owner for Renovation that was done inside the Property?

In most situations, a condominium association may not fine the owner or allege the owner of violation for renovation inside a property without stating the bylaw or rule that the owner has violated. In such a scenario, the owner may deny the violation in writing and may ask for a hearing before the condominium board where he/she may contest the violation or fine before it is made final.

Who would be Responsible if a House is Affected because of Delay in Renovation by the Builder?

If the house gets affected because of some fault of the builder’s and the delay in renovation, then it would be considered to be the builder’s responsibility and his/her general liability insurance may cover the damages.

Knowing the different renovation rules and laws will help individuals plan their property renovation. It will help individuals understand their rights and duties regarding real estate renovation better.
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