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Questions on Renewing Driving Licenses

In some states, it could be considered a crime to drive with an expired license. Individuals may have to face penalties if they don’t renew their license on time. In some situations, individuals may also lose their driving privileges. That’s why it is important for people to know what the various rules and regulations regarding driving license renewal are in different parts of the United States. Given below are common questions about renewing driving licenses answered by the Experts.

Can a temporary driving license be renewed in the State of Oregon?

A temporary license can often be renewed in the State of Oregon for a cost of $10 if the license has not remained in an expired state for more than a year. The individual may have to go to the local Department of Motor Vehicles and provide proof that he/she resides in the country legally. The individual may also have to prove that he/she is domiciled in the State of Oregon. The individual can get the proof of domicile either from the university housing department or even provide his/her utility bill for this purpose.

How much time does an individual have to renew a driver’s license without penalty after it has expired in the State of Illinois?

In some situations, an individual may not have to pay any penalty for an expired driver’s license if he/she is renewing it within a period of 30 days after the license has expired in the State of Illinois.

Does an individual have to provide his/her fingerprints in order to renew a license?

The rules and regulations regarding driving license renewal may vary from state to state. While some states in the United States may not ask an individual for his/her thumb print during license renewal, some states like California may ask the individual to provide it. Also, even if the individual may not have to provide his/her thumb print, he/she may not be allowed to renew the license if he/she were to refuse to do so. This is because a driver’s license is generally considered to be a primary form of identification in the State of California and providing a thumb print may protect the individual from identity theft.

What can an individual do if he/she cannot renew his/her Florida license due to an old license suspension in Pennsylvania?

If an individual had a license suspension in Pennsylvania, he/she may have to wait till the suspension is revoked before renewing his/her Florida driver’s license. Till then, he/she may not be able to possess a valid license. The individual may hire an attorney in Pennsylvania to request the court to either reduce the time of the suspension or grant him/her a hardship license till the suspension is revoked. If he/she is able to get the hardship license in the State of Pennsylvania, it will be honored in Florida as well and the state may provide him/her with a hardship license.

Within what time frame should an individual in Texas renew his/her license?

An individual may have up to 2 years to renew his/her license by visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles in person in the State of Texas. If this individual does not renew it within these 2 years, he/she may be required to apply again like an original applicant by taking all the tests required.

Driving license rules may vary in different parts of the United States. You may get confused by the procedures and documents required to renew a license. . However, you cannot choose to ignore doing so as it can land you in more trouble. Hence, it is important for you to find out about the various rules and regulations about license renewal. You can do so by asking an Expert for more information and get answers to your questions in quick, efficient and economical way.
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