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Pool Remote related Questions

A pool remote can make usage and functioning of a pool or spa more convenient and less stressful. It provides the feature to heat the pool, operate the filter and so on with a touch of a button. Pool remote problems can be varied. These problems can start as soon as the remote is set up. These issues can be frustrating and troublesome, however not impossible.

To get more information about other pool remote problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

Can a small power outage cause interference with a Easy Touch pool remote as it is reading “no comm”?

In this situation, one of the first things to try is check the status lights on the antennae. Usually there are three lights: first being power, second 485 and third RF. Among these lights, the RF light should be blinking at a rate slower than the 485 light. In case it isn’t, the readdressing process of the unit should be double checked. If the RF light is not blinking at all, the unit should be readdressed again just to ensure nothing has been overlooked the first time.

How can a Pentair easy touch pool remote be disassembled so that it can be dried after being dropped in the pool and was full of water?

First the pool remote’s external screws and battery should be removed. Once this is done and the interior of the pool remote is accessible, it should be inspected for more screws or taps. These should be removed to access the PC board. While dismantling any part, one should keep a track of the parts so that it can be replaced in the right order. Once the PC board is removed, it should be allowed to dry for a couple of days. After this period of time, it should be reassembled to check if it is operative again or not.

What can cause the Jandy pool remote to have intermittent problems connecting with the equipment?

The problem here could be one of the three things and the first thing to try would be to try and reset the entire Jandy system. This is done by turning off the breaker which controls the pool panel and remote for at least 20 minutes and then turning it back on. If this does not resolve the glitch, the antenna should be replaced as it has most probably become defective. These two are the simplest and most economical options to try based on what the problem is. If these two solutions do not help, the problem could be with the circuit board. This may be an expensive repair and Jandy should be contacted to check if any warranty remains on the equipment. Another problem could be interference however this issue exists with almost any wireless remote system and it is rare for it to cause this type of a failure. Failure during day time is most likely a coincidence.

Is it worth getting the Easy Touch 8 pool remote repaired or better to just replace it?

To make this decision, one should ascertain how much the minimum and maximum cost for repair is. If the cost of repair is even as half as much as the cost of a new one, it may not be worth having the pool remote repaired and instead have it replaced. The other important factor is the age of the pool remote. If the remote is over 5 years old, it is better to replace it.

A pool remote is a device which may not be present in most households probably due to the lack of pools. Pools are most probably used occasionally and pool remotes could be less frequent based on the need and function. Hence it is not a device that is given much thought to in day to day activities. It comes into the forefront when needing to use it and face a problem. To be equipped with basic pool remote repair tips and information contacting Experts can be useful as well as affordable.
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