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Remote Control Problems

A remote control forms part of an electronic gadget such as a DVD player, television set or music system and is typically used to operate it wirelessly from a short distance keeping the gadget in the line of sight. Remote controls are more advanced and have evolved to include features such as motion sensor capabilities, voice control, and Bluetooth connectivity today. Since this is a common household device, there are a few problems you could come across when using a remote control. While some of these indicate a problem with the remote, others could actually be due to a fault with the electronic device that the remote control belongs to. Listed below are a few questions on remote control problems addressed by the Experts.

I replaced the batteries of my Phillips TV’s remote control but it’s still not working. I tried operating the TV with a universal remote but it didn’t help. What should I do?

It seems like the Infrared board has failed on your TV set. To check your original remote properly, you can do the following:

Point the remote at a digital camera or camera phone and check if there is an output by watching the remote's Infrared emitter. Look through the viewfinder of the digital camera and see if you can see a bright white light when you press the buttons on your remote. This indicates that the remote is working. If your remote works fine, you could consider taking the TV set apart and replacing the faulty board inside.

Where can a Gateway Plasma TV remote control be purchased?

To get a replacement remote for your TV, you could visit and choose one that matches your TV set.

My Sony TV is connected to a cable box and I find that my guide button does not work on the remote. What should I do?

When you are using a Sony remote that has come with the TV, you must remember that the guide button generally works only when you are connected to an antenna. You can download the guide from your local PBS station as well. However, if the button doesn’t work on your cable remote, it could indicate that the problem is not with the TV but either with the cable box or the cable remote control.

The remote control on my Sony Bravia doesn’t work. I’ve tried using Shaw direct and PVR and those remotes don’t work either. What should I do?

Case details: I’ve put new batteries in but I still can’t access recorded programs or change channels. I need to use the button on my TV set to change the volume level but I still cannot change the channel.

If the other remotes are not working along with the Sony remote, it’s possible that the remote sensor in the TV has gone bad and can’t receive a remote control signal. This sensor is located on a little board in the front of the TV. To replace it, you will need the help of a professional who can take the TV back off to access the little circuit board. These sensors (H4 Board) are typically available for $25 on

While you may have come across a few of the problems listed above, there could be others that are unique to your own remote control. Also, it is important to take care of your remote properly by keeping it free from dirt and dust and use it carefully by ensuring the buttons are not stuck in the down position and by replacing the batteries periodically. If you have more questions about remote controls, do get in touch with the Experts. They can help you find solutions that are both quick cost and effective.
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