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Relocation Packages And Employment

Do you need to know what a typical relocation package includes? Or, is your company relocating and you want to know if they have to offer employees a relocation package? If you have questions regarding your place of employment and relocation benefits, it is important to get knowledgeable information, and verified legal Experts can provide you this.

Read below where Experts have answered questions for employees in various situations.

If an employer does not hold to the contract, is the employee responsible for the entire relocation package or a prorated amount?

Case Details: Individual accepted a relocation package which would have to be repaid if individual left employer before a 24 month period of time. However, while individual was with employer the manager changed individual’s title, reduced salaries and furlough and made massive layoffs, and therefore created a hostile work environment. Individual left with 8 months left on contract.

If there has been no illegal activity on the part on the employer that would justify individual’s decision to leave, then there would be nothing to invalidate the contract and the individual would have to pay back all of the relocation package.

In West Virginia, how long does an individual have to pay back a relocation package to a former employer?

Case Details:  Relocation package has a 25% pay back of $8,361.39.

It depends on what is stated between the individual and the employer in the contract. The employer (absent any written contract to the contrary) could demand payment in full. There are no laws specifying any time limits for repayment. It is completely a matter of contractual agreement between the individual and former employee.

Does an individual have any recourse in not paying back a relocation package?

Case Details: Individual was given an ultimatum to be transferred and accepted a relocation package. After completing five of the 12 months, individual went to work and emailed that he was retiring due to the workplace being unsafe and having several compliance issues.

It depends on the nature of the contract. Generally speaking, if an individual breaches a contract and it has payback provisions it will have to be paid back. Individual can make an argument that the company materially breached his part of the contract by not providing a safe work environment.

If an individual quits a job after four months where a relocation package was accepted, can they still claim the remainder of the money that was promised?

As long as the contract the individual signed does not prohibit them from forfeiting or having to repay the expenses if they terminate employment within a certain period of time or otherwise restrict individual from leaving, then individual is free to do so. The employer would still be bound by the contract and individual could sue the employer in small claims court if employer refuses to pay, depending on the amount in controversy.

Can an employer in Arkansas stipulate repayment of a relocation package if an individual is terminated involuntarily?

The employer can do this, but generally an involuntary termination has to be for a cause as defined in the agreement.

Does an individual have any recourse against a company demanding a $10,000 relocation package being paid back?

Case Details: Contract stated that if individual left within 24 months, individual would have to pay back the entire amount. Individual left after 13 months, had exit interview, and received final paycheck (with all accrued vacation paid). Now individual is receiving emails (45 days later) demanding repayment.

If the individual signed the contract stating he or she would pay back the entire amount, then the employer would be able to sue the individual for the entire $10,000.

How many miles can a company move without having to offer its employees a relocation package?

A company has no legal requirement to offer a relocation package. 

If a company offers a relocation package what should it include?

Typically, a company will need to include language requiring a minimum time of employment with the company or an employee must repay. Usually, a two year commitment, with a graduated repayment requirement of 100% if employee leaves within the first six months, then 75% up to a year, 50% if employee leaves between a year and 18 months, 25% if after 18 months and then nothing after two years.

A person may have many questions regarding employment and relocation packages. Consulting with an attorney is not always affordable or convenient, and the next best option is to consult with an online Expert. Verified legal Experts can answer all your questions at your convenience day or night.

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