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Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

Many legal questions that arise typically pertain to Religious Discrimination. They can range from religious discrimination in the workplace, religious discrimination act, and religious discrimination laws. When faced with questions like these people may turn to Experts online for insights or solutions for their problem. Listed below are five of the top Religious Discrimination questions.

What is Religious Discrimination?

Religious discrimination is valuing or treating a person or group differently because of what they do or do not believe. Religious discrimination can also be the act of trying to talk someone into abandoning their religious beliefs.

In Indiana if someone is Jehovah Witness and did not attend a company Christmas party due to religious reasons, would it be religious discrimination if their employer reduced their hours and was made fun of for not attending?

In most situations this could be a violation with the Indiana laws and the federal law, because there seems to be a legitimate problem that’s related to religious discrimination. Since the individual’s hours have been reduced and were harassed after the individual had declined to go to the Christmas part and was against the employee’s beliefs. The individual could file a lawsuit with EEOC or the Indiana Civil Rights Commission. After this process is completed the individual’s boss can’t seek revenge against them.

Can an employer be fired for their religious beliefs in the state of California?

The California and federal law states that an employer may not fire or take adverse actions regarding employment decisions based on someone’s religious beliefs. Religious discrimination can be very traumatizing as well as lead to unanswered questions. If you are facing situations such as these, you can ask a legal Expert questions pertaining to religious discrimination.

What is the Statue of Limitations of religious discrimination cases in the State of Florida?

Events for Unlawful Discrimination of all types, as well as religious discrimination, in employment could be reported under federal or state laws. The US EEOC website (http://www.eeoc.gov/types/religion.html) can give information about religious discrimination in employment. Discrimination claims usually need to be completed within a hundred and eighty days after the situation had occurred unless the state law extends the time frame to three hundred days. The Commission on Human Relations handles employment discrimination in the State of Florida.

Can someone start a lawsuit against a bar/restaurant if they got kicked out for not drinking an alcoholic drink?

It is not against the law for a bar owner to remove someone from their bar because of non alcoholic consumption. However, in some situations it may be grounds for discrimination depending on the way that the situation was handled. Religious Discrimination is a very diverse topic. It can span one question after another. There are additional questions that could come up. Such as: religious discrimination in America, religious discrimination at work, and religious discrimination law. Experts can help by answering questions like this quickly and effectively.
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