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Buick Regal LS Troubleshooting

Is your Buick Regal not releasing the ignition key? Does the dash light fuse blow repetitively? These are some issues that users have experienced for which they have sought help from verified mechanical Experts.

Read on to know how these and other Buick Regal LS problem related questions were answered online by such Experts.

How to troubleshoot a Buick LS which backfires, misses and does not release the key from the ignition?

There are two separate issues here which are unrelated. Backfiring, hesitation and missing are ignition related problems generally connected with the plugs, ignition coil or wires. They could also be connected with the mass air flow sensor, ignition module or crankshaft position sensor. In fact there are multiple causes for a rough engine which makes it difficult to provide a precise answer in the absence of more information. If the check engine light is on a diagnostic scan would be the way to go because it will reveal the fault codes stored. This eliminates much trial and error and, by extension, saves money. Most auto parts store will scan the car for free. The key being held back, which is the second problem, points to a failed lock cylinder.

Why does the anti-theft light on a Buick Regal LS flash only when the car is parked and the key turned off?

Case Details: This happened after the battery was charged.

A flashing anti-theft light when the vehicle is shut down is quite normal, but if the light flashes frequently it could be an indication of a failing that security control module or ignition switch.

Why does the 7.5 amp dash lights fuse keep blowing?

The 7.5 amp dimming fuse protects multiple lighting circuits such as:

  • Instrument cluster lamps
  • HVAC control head lamps
  • Radio lamps
  • Headlamp dimming switch

The best way to find the fault is to unplug these components, replace the fuse then re-plug the components, one after another, to see which one blows the fuse again.

Why does a Buick Regal blow no cold air on the driver’s side in A/C mode?

This condition is most often caused by a defective air temperature actuator motor. The actuator controls the air temperature and direction of airflow. It does this by opening and closing flaps in the heater box below the dash. The driver’s side actuator, which appears to be faulty, is mounted to the HVAC housing behind the center dash. The lower driver’s side insulator panel and knee bolster will need to be removed to access it. Inspect the wiring harness and electrical connector for any broken, loose or damaged wires. Remove the actuator and check the mount on the housing to see that no parts are broken. If everything looks OK then the actuator is bad and needs to be replaced. This is not an unusual issue on these vehicles.

What are fault codes P0205, P0305 and P0300 on a Buick Regal which sputters when idling but otherwise runs well?

Codes P0205 and P0305 are both injector driver related, indicating a fault in one of the fuel injectors, or the wiring from PCM to injector, or the injector connection. Thoroughly inspect the wiring from PCM to injector looking for bad connections, especially with terminals. Next, wiggle the wiring to the injectors and see if that makes a difference. If it does then the source of the problem has been located.

Should a Buick Regal which leaks oil from the valve cover gaskets be repaired?

That would depend on how much oil is leaking. A quart between fillings is just about acceptable but anything more should be fixed. However, even if the leak is within limits and allowed to continue, it will splatter on the belts and wiring and eventually damage them. Fixing the leak would be more cost effective than belt and wiring replacement at a later stage. Till something is done, closely monitor the oil level and keep topping it up, well before the oil light comes on. A glowing oil light is bad news and could signify expensive engine damage.

Why does a Buick Regal lose power after 3500 RPM and not go beyond?

If the engine idles okay and the problem is only at higher revs, it could point to faulty catalytic converters which cause sluggish performance at higher speeds. Remove the front oxygen sensor and install a back pressure gauge in its place to see if back pressure is building up. If Buick Regal converters fail within 10 years or 120,000 miles, GM replaces them for free. If the converters are good, then the problem is probably caused by low fuel pressure.

The Buick Regal is like all vehicles the occasional problem could arise. If you are facing a problem with your car and are not sure how to proceed, ask an online verified Expert. An Expert will study your specific question to provide a customized answer in a timely manner.

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