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Red Light Traffic Ticket Questions

Individuals that have received a red light ticket often are left wondering what their rights are regarding the red light ticket. Uncertainties of the accuracy of the red light camera and what the options are to fight a red light ticket often lead to questions like the ones answered below.

What is a red light camera ticket?

A red light camera ticket is a traffic citation that is issued as a result of photographic evidence from a red light camera. These cameras are trigged to take a photo when a vehicle enters the intersection after the traffic light has turned red. A red light camera ticket is usually mailed to the owner of the vehicle that made the violation.

Can the state collect a red light ticket fine through an individual’s state income tax refund?

Because this red light ticket fine is owed to a court then they are able to take an individual’s state income tax refund. The court’s Tax Intercept Program allows the court to intercept a person’s income tax refund in order to pay off any debt such as a fine or other cost to the court.

I received a red light ticket in Washington DC due to a red light camera. The fine is $150. How can I get out of this red light ticket?

Typically a defense to this crime is low. They have photographic proof that an individual broke the traffic law. The only defense you could use would be to prove that it wasn’t you driving the vehicle that was in violation of running the red light. If you aren’t able to prove this then you would be liable for the fines.

I was recently ticketed in Oregon for failure to obey traffic control device (red light ticket). Are there any explanations that a court will approve of and dismiss the ticket?

There is an Oregon code that does allow for certain excuses that will benefit the individual(s) who failed to obey traffic control devices. These reasons are: if the person is following the orders of a police officer, driving an emergency vehicle in accordance with the privileges, correctly making a right turn on red, and driving in a funeral procession led by a funeral escort driver. If in fact one of the explanations was in truth occurring then you may be able to have your ticket dismissed.

I received a red light ticket in the mail. The time listed on the ticket is not accurate. At that time I was at a doctor’s appt. Can I fight this red light ticket?

A red light ticket can by challenged in the same way that a normal traffic citation is challenged. With a red light ticket you are challenging the camera itself. If you are going to challenge the ticket via an alibi then you will want to make sure you have the evidence to support your alibi. Fighting the red light ticket will require you to pay a deposit equal to the amount the ticket would cost if you were to have pled guilty. Another option in California is trial by letter. You would write to the judge to dismiss and include any evidence of where you were when the violation occurred.

Obtaining accurate information on red light tickets can help when dealing with questions regarding red light tickets. Experts can help answer what a red light ticket is or how you can fight a red light ticket. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking an Expert.
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