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Army Recruiter Questions

An Army Recruiter acts to requesting people, usually adult males to join a military service voluntarily. Involuntary military recruitment is known as conscription. In many countries they have done away with conscription use in military recruiters to persuade people to join the service, many times at an early age. To make this process easy, the military has established recruiting commands. These units are only responsible or increasing the military enlistment. Read below where Military Lawyers have provided legal answers to specific army recruiter questions.

In the state of Arizona can an army recruiter record conversations that happen in the office without others knowing? Can the conversations be used when pursuing UCMJ actions?

In the state or Arizona recording is illegal if no party to the conversation knows they are being recorded. In the state of Arizona and this can vary from state to state, if someone in the conversation knows that the conversation is being recorded, and then it is not considered illegal. Also, with this being said, this can vary from state to state as well, if someone records something such as a phone call or conversation involving themselves and another person, even if the one is unaware of the records this is not considered illegal either in the state of Arizona. The state of Arizona and federal laws are quite the same in this sort of aspect, recording conversations is illegal in many other states unless everyone knows about the recording and has given consent. So, now with all of that being said if the recruiter that is doing the recording is present during the conversation then it will be considered legal in the Arizona. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) will look into the federal and state law on this certain case. If the recruiter is violating state or federal laws, then they can be prosecuted under Article 134, UCMJ takes in crimes in this section.

If someone was put in jail, but will be receiving one year probation will they be able to enlist in the army?

Being on probation and trying to recruit to the Army is going to be a tough ride. They should first talk to the court that will be issuing the probation to see if they can be released from that to allow them to enter into service. Many courts will allow this decision, but they first must ask for this. The Army will not allow someone to enter into the service that is still on probation. After they are released from probation, if they have a waiver for their RE3 code, they can use this waiver to apply. If the court decides not to release the probation, then they will have to wait until they are cleared in order to apply to enlist.

How can someone enlist in the army with only one kidney? Also, can the president intervene with this decision?

If they have already spoken with the Army recruiter and they have stated they cannot do this, then they should be using the medical directives as a basis for the rejection. They can ask the Army recruiter to be more specific on why they cannot enlist. If they went to Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and they have also disqualified this person, then they will need to ask for the decision to go before the Army Command Surgeon for more review. The President should not intervene if the Army is using the directives as a basis for the denial to enlist.

If someone’s 22 year old daughter was pressured by an army recruiter to enlist into the national guard as a medic what are their obligations to stay their full term, if their mother still provides for all of their needs?

Since she has enlisted, she must obey and show up until her term is over. If she does not, she then can be prosecuted under martial law. Even though her parents still provide for her, she is not considered a minor anymore, and will be believed in court as to making her own decisions. For more information regarding to the army requirements a person could contact Military Experts.

In the state of Texas if someone was charged with a class A misdemeanor for theft under $50, and then has a clean record, can they still enlist in the army?

If this is their first offense, they could be a good applicant for what is called deferred adjudication in Texas. Deferred adjudication is a type of probation that does not go on a person criminal record as a conviction. The probationary period normally consists of community hours, a couple of self improvement classes, drug tests, etc. The length of this probation will vary depending on the charge and what has been working out with the defense. The def. adj. will go on their record, but will not show up as a conviction once they have completed the classes, it will then be wiped away from their records with a Motion for Expundgement or Motion for Sealing of Record. The Army recruiter will most likely provide them with a waiver for this leading into the resolution of this since it is just a minor misdemeanor.

In many cases an Army recruiter lies in order to persuade more people into joining the service, most of the time is younger people that don’t quite understand what they are signing onto. Contact the Legal Experts where you can receive fast and affordable answers and insight regarding army reserve recruiters and the national guard recruiters.
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