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What is reckless endangerment?

Reckless endangerment would be when an individual commits a misdemeanor of the second degree and shows reckless behavior which may cause another individual serious physical injury or even result in the individual’s death.

What can an individual do if another individual injured him/her by driving into a building?

According to the reckless endangerment law, driving into a building may be considered reckless driving. If an individual gets injured by another individual’s reckless driving and his/her insurance does not cover the individual’s medical expenses then the individual may sue the person who was driving.

Would it be considered reckless endangerment if an individual screamed and pushed elderly people in a crowded elevator?

In most situations, one may argue that screaming at and pushing elderly people in an elevator maybe reckless endangerment. But in some states of USA like California, reckless endangerment may not be considered to be a crime. However, if the elderly people get injured in the elevator during the incident, the individual may be sued for negligence.

Can an individual sue another person for reckless endangerment if he/she carelessly drove a ski boat and injured the individual?

The driver of the ski boat would be duty bound to drive the ski boat safely and carefully. If he/she drives the ski boat carelessly and injures someone, the injured individual may sue him/her for reckless endangerment. The individual may acquire all the medical care that he/she may need. He/she may collect all the medical bills and records and then sue the individual for the medical charges with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Can an individual appeal for a re-hearing of a reckless driving judgment?

An individual may appeal for a re-hearing within 30 days of a reckless endangerment driving judgment. He/she may not be able to appeal the plea and request for a re-hearing if it is past 30 days from the day the judgment was passed.

Can an individual who did not disclose information about a sexually transmitted disease to a sexual partner be prosecuted for reckless endangerment?

The reckless endangerment laws may be different in different parts of USA. In some states like Pennsylvania, an individual may be criminally prosecuted if he/she did not disclose information about a sexually transmitted disease to his/her sexual partner. The partner may also sue the individual in a civil court for damages.

How can an individual claim punitive damages in a reckless endangerment case?

An individual may have to prove that the conduct of the accused individual was malicious and he/she intentionally tried to harm the individual in order to claim punitive damages in a reckless endangerment case.

Being a victim of reckless endangerment can be a very difficult situation for anyone. If you are unaware of reckless endangerment laws, it can only make the situation more frustrating. It is important to know about the provisions of the reckless endangerment laws so that you know what your rights are if you are a victim of reckless endangerment. You can always ask an Expert to know what constitutes reckless endangerment and how you can take action against it.

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