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TV Receiver Related Questions

Do you want to know why the TV receiver is not receiving signal? Or, how should the receiver be connected to the TV to get sound? TV receivers are an important and integral part of the television. They are required to receive signals and channels based on the connections that the TV is provided with but their functioning and role is far more complex than this. When faced with problems and questions it can be simple or complicated which is when input from electronics Experts can go a long way with troubleshooting and repairs.

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about TV receivers.

Why does the nine-year-old plasma TV have no picture, sound and displays ‘no signal’ on the screen?      

This could be a case of the TV’s tuner or receiver on the mainboard that has become faulty. Mega Hertz (Mh) is the frequency channels are displayed on. If the receiver is not working, it is unable to interrogate this frequency. Prior to repair or replacement, the aerial of the TV (that receives the signal) should be tested on another TV to rule out a faulty set top box or cable. You can also try a power reset by removing the power supply of the TV, waiting for 15 minutes to allow residual power to drain out and re-plugging the TV. Once it turns on, scan for channels. If this does not help, overcoming the problem requires a mainboard replacement. However, given the age of the TV the cost of repair, replacement and labor will work out to be more expensive than a new TV itself.

What could cause the Vizio TV to stop responding to the TiVo remote?  

Case Details: Unable to control, on, off, input and volume.

Usually, channel changing is processed within the TiVo box making the TiVo remote work on this. However, currently since the TV is not responding to the remote, it could be that the TV’s Infra Red (IR) remote receiver has failed or the TiVo remote code is lost. The IR receiver failing on Vizio TVs is common and since it is a plug-and-play board, it can be replaced easily by the user. The rear covering of the TV should be removed to find the receiver below the screen held in place by two screws and one plug-in connector. It would just need to be swapped with a new TV receiver. Prior to doing so, however, a power reset can help. The steps are as follows:

  1. Disconnect the TV from power.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the TV for 10 seconds and release.
  3. After a minute, re-plug the TV and press power once.
  4. Try using the remote to check if it works.

How should the Marantz receiver be connected to the TV to get sound?        

First, in order to obtain sound from internal applications to the receiver, there are two possible ways. The simple way would be to use the analog audio out as this doubles as headphone jack above the HDMI inputs on the side of the TV. This should be connected to the unused audio input in the receiver. The second and a more complex way is to use audio return channel (ARC) at the HDMI 1 input of the TV.

What can be done about a new RCA TV not receiving any TV signals?

In order to troubleshoot this problem, one needs to be aware of how the broadcasts are being received on the TV such as cable, cable box, direct coaxial signal, and so on. A channel scan should be run to check if the signals appear. If an antenna is being used or is a feed from a DISH or DirecTV box, the ‘Air’ option should be selected from the setup. Alternatively, for a signal from the cable company, the ‘Cable’ option should be selected to check if the channels start appearing on the screen.

What can be done if the LG TV receiver is unable to display commercial stations though it is on antenna mode?

First, the TV should be reset to default settings by navigating through initial setup. Press ‘Home’ menu on the TV remote and go to ‘Setup’ and select ‘Factory Reset.’ Once the initial setup screen is displayed, the ‘Home Use’ mode should be selected to run auto tuning to make the TV scan for channels. If the problem persists even after several attempts, the TV tuner or receiver has failed as it is unable to receive channel signals through the antenna. To overcome this, either the mainboard needs to be replaced or a good quality set top box with an inbuilt tuner needs to be used.

TV receivers are usually one of the main components of the TV. Receiver problems require some amount of troubleshooting to find the exact issue and solution. As seen above, in such scenarios verified Experts’ guidance and expertise can be quite useful in obtaining answers and information, quickly and affordably. Experts are readily available at your convenience. 

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