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Rear Projection TV Problems and Troubleshooting

A Rear Projection TV is a form of large screen television display technology that uses a projector to project the image from behind the screen. This image is created from a video signal which is magnified and then reflected onto the viewable screen. The three major video projection technologies used in Rear Projection TV’s today are LCD (liquid crystal display), CRT (cathode ray tube) and DLP (digital light processing). Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Rear Projection TV Problems that has been answered by the Experts.

What should an individual do if their Rear Projection TV is flashing rapidly and the TV is turned off and not responding?

In this case, it looks like the fault is with the 1000uf capacitors located in the digital module. Usually, such problems are very common with these TV sets and they occur about ninety percent of the time. However, if you want to cure this problem, you may visit This website would give you a kit that would help you repair the failure. You would find a guide on soldering as well as a comprehensive guide on how to fix this issue inside the kit. But, if you want your TV to get fixed by a technician, you would need to consider the age of the set. You could expect to pay around three hundred dollars to a technician for a repair like this. You could visit to locate a technician in your area.

What can an individual do if their Hitachi LCD Rear Projection IV has a dark circle in the middle of the screen that is light blue and hazy? The problem is still there after the bulb has been changed.

The reason this is happening is due to a faulty optical engine. Therefore, in this situation, you would need to replace the optical engine to fix your TV. Its part number is UX22201DR. In order to replace the engine, you could expect to pay around two hundred and fifty dollars. You can also visit in case you would want to order it. However, you might want to reconsider spending two hundred and fifty dollars in repairing this set as the installation itself could be a big job in this case.

If a Sony Rear Projection TV has a red or green color separation issue that keeps projecting double semi oval green overlay across the top and bottom of the screen, how can this be repaired?

In this case, the problem is with your TV’s convergence circuit that is failing. However, such problems are very common and are easily rectified. It would however be relatively simple to repair this set if you are comfortable with electronics and know how to solder. In case you are not familiar and experienced with soldering, the best thing you could do is have a technician repair the set for you. Repairing the circuit would usually cost you around three hundred dollars. A good technician should be able to fix this problem within an hour or two in your home.

What could be the issue if a Sony Rear Projector TV is not powering up, and the standby red light blinks nine times, pauses and then starts over again?

Most likely, the blinking of the red light for nine times indicates a problem of Zero Crossing in the television set. This would usually mean that the main power supply is failing to work due to some reason. Therefore, the self diagnostic feature of the television set is detecting this issue, which is represented on the screen in the form of specific error codes. That is why the red light is blinking for nine times. In this case it is likely that the two regular chips on the D-Board of your television set have gone faulty and that has caused this problem to occur. The location numbers of chips circuit are IC8002 and IC6400. Replacing these chips, however, would possibly cure this issue.

The Rear Projection TV’s are increasingly becoming a better choice for the consumers due to their reasonable price range and high performance rate. However, these televisions also have their set of problems. These may relate to issues like burned out lamps, poor picture quality, color blotches and so on. It is thus always better to either troubleshoot or contact a technician when such issues occur. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Rear Projection TV Problems, you may ask an Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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