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Razor Bump Treatment Questions

What are razor bumps?

Razor bumps or also called pseudofolliculitis barbae is inflammation of the skin after shaving. The reasons these bumps appear are because the thread of hair bends back and grows in the same follicle. Some razor bumps can cause small pimples, pain and scarring. Individuals can use shaving cream or lotions to help reduce the possibility of razor bumps.

How are razor bumps treated?

One way to treat razor bumps could be to avoid shaving the affected area. An individual could use a sterile needle to free the hair from the follicle and could help lessen the amount of bumps. A topical ointment can be used such as hydrocortisone and antibiotic or tretinoin cream. Razor bumps can be annoying, painful and can cause some to have questions about treatments and medications. Read below where Experts have answered several questions.

What can be done at home to help prevent razor bumps?

Often the best option for razor bump treatment at home is to discontinue shaving for a few weeks. This can allow the hair to grow about 1/2 -1 inch. However, it is often recommended to shave in the same direction the hair is growing and to use shaving gel and avoid shaving foam. There are some razors that are made specifically to reduce the possibility of razor bumps.

How can razor bumps on the anus be treated?

There are a couple options to treat razor bumps on the anus. One being 2.5 or 5% Benzyl Peroxide, this can be found in a gel or cream. This product normally is found over-the-counter and should be applied twice a day to the area. If the Benzyl Peroxide irritates the skin, cetaphil can be mixed with the gel or cream. Shaving is normally discontinued for 4-6 weeks. The razor bumps should improve within 4 weeks. If there is no improvement, a doctor will need to be consulted.

What causes razor bumps and how can this issue be resolved?

Razor bumps are also known as pseudofolliclitis barbae. This condition is caused by ingrown hairs located in the beard or legs. Normally, the affected hair will need to be grown out. This can allow the hairs to remove itself from the same follicle. If the razor bumps do not clear up on their own, the individual should see a general physician.

Razor bumps can be quite a concern for some individuals. This is because razor bumps can cause pain and be embarrassing. Some people do not know what can be done to rid these bumps or how to prevent them. For more information about this, individuals can contact Experts.
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