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Range Hood Repair

A range hood is an overhead device with a mechanical fan above the cook top or stove in the kitchen which extracts exhaust smoke, odors, heat and steam from the air. The extractions of these elements happen through air evacuation and filtration. The range hood usually consists of the following four main components, a skirt, a capture panel (effluent plume) for the rising gases, grease filters and a blower for forced ventilation.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on range hood repair.

Why would an F&P range hood with three removable filters leaking grease on the stove?

This is a common issue with range hoods and the leakage is coming from the filters itself rather than the fans inside. Even though an individual could have cleaned the filters, the grease can still become trapped, thicken and become stuck in crevices and grooves of the filter. However, when the unit is on or heats up, they loosen and drip out. To address this issue, it is probably better to replace the filters and wipe out the unit well before using it again.

How do I remove the bulbs in a DCS range hood?

To remove the light bulb, the removal of the trim is not necessary. The manual will also suggest in directly removing the bulbs without interfering with the trim. The light bulbs installed on the range hoods will most likely be 1/8th turn bulbs. You will need a good suction cap. Take the suction cap and insert it into the bulb so that it has a tight and good grasp of it. Rotate the suction cup gently in the counter clockwise direction. Since it is a 1/8th turn bulb, it will turn to that degree, get released and drop down.

What could be the problem if the fan on a hood range keeps coming off and on?

This seems to be a case of short circuit at the control board which is located inside the control panel. There is no repair for the part and it will need to be replaced. The cost of the board could be around $100 and it should be available at a local appliance store near you. Since this is a costly replacement, you could consider replacing the entire range hood as a more reasonable solution. You will also receive the benefit of a one year warranty with the new range hood.

Is is recommended to extend an existing exhaust vent ductwork on a Kitchenaid range hood/exhaust fan?

This is a complex move and may not be possible for this particular range hood model as it has an internal blower. There are specific models available in the market which offers “remote blowers” that could be mounted outside the house either on the roof or where the current vent exits. To do this as well you need to buy a vent hood which is meant for this purpose. One option is where the existing fan can be removed and a remote blower could be installed with a separate switch. However the venting within the range hood may need to be changed since the blower motor is part of the venting system of the unit.

Range hoods are a useful device to keep your kitchen free from unhygienic and unsightly smoke, odors and grease. Moreover they even add to the clean finish or look of your kitchen. They may not be something you give much thought to in your day to day activities. It comes into the forefront when it does not function properly or may have some issue. Minor problems such as changing a light bulb could be handled by you whereas major changes like venting restructure or baffle cleaning should be done with proper information and instructions from experienced Experts. This will be a more reasonable and efficient way to handle your range hood repair.
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