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Radio Problems

A radio is a device which transmits data over vast distances - frequently millions of miles - using radio waves. The data is varied which could range from pictures, music to conversation. Radios are used every single day using radio waves, which are invisible to humans. A lot of modern communications devices are used today, thanks to radio wave technology. These include cell phones, cordless phones, and even baby monitors. Users take for granted these devices without thought to its origins. When questions come up, get answers to them about radio problems, by asking the Experts.

Where can a 1955 Grundig radio be repaired?

In all probability a 1955 Grundig radio would operate through tube technology. This technology is considered to be outdated. This radio is large and bulky; the cost of shipping for repairs would be prohibitive. Some antique radio repair companies can be found. However, knowing the location of where the owner resides would offset some of the cost of shipping.

If the LED display on an AJ 3240 clock radio reverts to 12.00 AM when the alarm is shut off, how can this be repaired?

The first step is to unplug the radio and plug it back in which often works. If that does not resolve the problem, chances are that there is an internal short circuit which is triggered when the shut alarm switch is operated. The problem might only be a simple one like a faulty switch which needs to be replaced. An electronics repair shop would probably need to examine and identify it to be sure.

How is Makita radio troubleshooting done when it gives an error code and won’t work on a rechargeable battery, yet works when plugged into an AC power source?

It could be that the rechargeable batteries being used might be past their useful life. This happens when they have been recharged often more than their normal capacity. Chances are that the radio might work with new batteries. However the error message ‘E’ also suggests a power supply problem of sorts. Since the radio works well off an AC power source the problem could also lie with a faulty DC power supply board.

Can a CD player link to an old Bose Wave radio if there is a coaxial cable attachment along with four jacks?

If there is an AUX input on the rear (white and red RCA female sockets), then the CD player can be connected to it. On the top panel select AUX.

Why would a Bosch radio stop displaying any functions, the CD player door won’t open and it just won’t work? Speakers seem to be getting power.

This could be a partial failure with the internal power supply since the backlight works. This could also cause the speakers to hiss, no function read-out and the CD door not opening.

It could however also be a serious problem in the central control logic. The loud hiss in the speakers is not an encouraging sign. It does point out to a failure in the automatic gain control or the signal reception. It is really difficult to determine exactly what is wrong. This would need the services of a skilled technician to have a look at it.

How do is a Clarion DB338R radio removed?

First remove the plastic trim ring which runs along the border of the radio. This will reveal small slots between the radio and frame in which it sits. Slide the keys between the metal cage and chassis about halfway up on each side. Then push them in till a click is heard, which signals that the radio is free of its fastenings.

Radio waves and devices impact our daily lives in more ways than most people are aware of. Most radios work smoothly with rarely a problem. However, sometimes things do go wrong. If you need help with your radio or have any questions relating to it, speak to an Expert who might help you save money and time in the long run.
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