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Cell Phone Radio related Questions

Cell phone radios can imply many things. The first that comes to mind would be the feature to listen to the local radio on the cell phone. Cell phone radios could also be related to radio applications which can be used on the phone. The other implication of a cell phone radio is its characteristics as a cell phone radio transmitter and related features.

To know more about cell phone radio, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

How can a Blackberry 9630 cell phone radio be switched from GSM to CDMA?

The Blackberry 9630 is a global phone which has the capabilities of using both the CDMA and GSM networks. In order to switch the cell phone radio from GSM to CDMA, the SIM card needs to be removed and reinserted. On doing so, an automatic prompt will ask whether you would like to switch to “Global Roaming Mode”. Here “Yes” needs to be chosen. If “No” is selected, the cell phone radio will be compatible only with CDMA network. Selecting “Yes” is one of the only ways to activate the GSM part of the cell phone radio. In case this action does not work, one of the two things could be the problem. Either the SIM card is corrupt and a new one is required or there is a physical problem with the cell phone radio.

What can be done if the Tocco Lite cell phone radio (FM) has suddenly stopped working with a message stating signal is too weak? Resetting the phone settings has not helped.

To tackle this problem of low cell phone radio signal, the battery should be removed from the phone. After 20 seconds, with the battery remaining out, the phone should be plugged into the wall charger. After doing so, the battery can be replaced and the phone can be turned on to check if the cell phone radio is working.

Will XM or Sirius radio on the iPhone work in the British Virgin Islands?

The XM or Sirius cell phone radio should work on the iPhone anywhere in the world. In order to do this, it needs to be connected to an active data connection. Hence assuming the iPhone would have a data connection in the British Islands, the Sirius radio should work. However if an unlimited data connection or internet plan is not available, it is generally recommended not to use it. A continually streaming application (app) such as the XM cell phone radio can deplete the internet limits within a short period of time. This cell phone radio app would continually download data and use internet resources very quickly.

The Blackberry Curve cell phone radio is off and does not allow outgoing calls. How can the cell phone radio be turned on?

In order to turn on the Blackberry Curve cell phone radio, first you would need to go to “Manage Connections”. At this setting either the “Turn All On” or “Restore” option should be selected. The other alternative which can enable this setting would be to scroll to the “Mobile Network” line. The space button can be pressed to enable a tick or checkmark in the box. This should activate the cell phone radio transmitter.

Is it possible for a phone to pick up a cell phone radio frequency or signal that the processor signals it to?

No, it may not be possible for phones to pick up any cell phone radio frequency because they are programmed to pick up only certain bands. These cell phone radio waves or frequencies are hard-coded into the cell phone and it may not be possible to alter it any manner. Some phones have an inherent cell phone radio (FM) feature but even these cell phone radio frequencies may not go lower than approximately 88 MHz.

How can the Audiovox 8930 cell phone radio be activated to receive FM? The phone carrier is Bell.

If the phone has FM radio capability it has an inbuilt cell phone radio transmitter. However in order to use the actual cell phone radio, it needs to be downloaded from the carrier’s catalog. What this signifies is that on the cell phone, there may be a source which allows downloading of games, themes and so on from Bell. In this area, the cell phone radio would also be available to download. If there is no radio option i the cell phone radio being supported by the handset, does not warrant that the carrier also supports this feature. Hence if it is not available, Bell can be contacted for further information.

The cell phone radio has many simple as well as complex uses. Having the proper information on how it is used and what are the common problems faced can help deal with this feature better. Listed above is only a reminder of the various issues involved. The fact that there could be other issues which are not covered in this article is evident. Hence to troubleshoot any cell phone radio problems faced, Experts can be the right choice for information and guidance.
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