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Chrysler Radiator Questions

Hearing a new noise in the engine after replacing the Chrysler radiator cap? Need to know what could cause the radiator fans to not work properly? Need help troubleshooting problems with your Chrysler radiator?

Chrysler radiators are meant for cooling internal combustion engines through the passage of the fluid or coolant supplied to it. The coolant absorbs the heat from the engine and this hot coolant is allowed to pass through the inlet tank of the Chrysler radiator which re-circulates in the tube and eventually cools down again. To know more about Chrysler radiators, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

What can a engine to rattle and gurgle when it is cold after changing the radiator and oil pressure cap in a Chrysler ?

The rattling noise being heard is due to some component which could have been left loose such as the radiator fan shroud or a radiator bracket. The gurgling sound once the engine is turned off is probably air being present in the cooling system which requires to be bled out. Therefore, the Chrysler can be returned to the shop to have them check these noises and tighten any part which may have been left loose. Also they can purge or bleed the air from the cooling system.

In a Chrysler what can cause the engine light and a fan 2 circuit code to come on, cause the radiator to overheat?

The fan could be faulty leading to a high resistance or the fan could be short circuiting. This results in the third fan having to overcompensate which is when it can overheat and why it only works in cold weather. The Chrysler radiator fan needs replaced to fix this problem.

How to tell if an oil like substance that is light in color and sticky is from the Chrysler radiator or the transmission?

Since transmission fluid leaks into the radiator and not vice versa, it is from the transmission. The radiator needs replaced and the cooling system flushed out to remove the oil. In case you suspect that coolant could have entered into the transmission, it would be better to take the Chrysler to a repair shop or a quick lubricating place. Additionally, if the transmission is flushed using a machine, it can remove the old fluid and new fluid can be added. This process removes any remnant coolant in the system as well.

What is causing a Chrysler radiator support to continue breaking in the same place on a PT Cruiser after a new radiator was installed?

PT Cruisers are fitted with a low front radiator mounting support, which can hit parking curbs it is pulled too far forward. If this occurs, it can affect the lower radiator support and cause it to bend backwards. Therefore, it is recommended to take it to a body shop to allow them to raise it in the air and inspect the car from beneath. The upper mounting points should be seated properly with no binding in either direction, as the pressure can cause the Chrysler radiator to crack. Additionally, the lower radiator support of the vehicle should be loosened and repositioned to prevent binding the radiator. If the area is bent backwards, it would need to be straightened as well as have the lower support replaced. This can help reduce the stress on the Chrysler radiator and prevent the radiator mounts from breaking.

Understanding the principle behind the working of the Chrysler radiator is important to know where the problem lies and how to solve it. Sometimes the installation could be wrong which causes an issue and other times there could be more complicated problems such as leakage or malfunction. Minor issues can be resolved by owner if there are comfortable to do so while others require professional intervention. The information or guidance required for Chrysler radiator troubleshooting can be obtained from Experts.
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