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Rabies Vaccine for Dogs

The Rabies vaccine for dogs is not only important, but in some states it is the law, and should be performed on any pet that is over the age of three months. This is not only essential in order to protect a person’s pet, but also to protect other animals, and people. Animals that attack humans are normally subject to quarantine and even death in some circumstances in which no vaccination records are available. Below some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Rabies vaccine for dogs are answered by the Experts.

At what age should a dog get their required vaccines?

Most generally puppies are given several rounds of vaccinations and normally they are finished by 16 weeks of age. After that every three years is recommended for the Rabies vaccine, and every two years for the Distemper, Hepatitis 2, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza (DH2PP).

What happens if a dog bites a stranger and its Rabies vaccine is not up to date?

In most cases doctors are required by law to inform authorities of any attacks that could result in Rabies. After that the authorities would most likely contact the owner in order to determine the best plan of action, this can involve anything from a ten day minimum quarantine to euthanization in order to get the proper tests performed on the animal in question. However the laws in each state are different and to contact local animal control agent would be advised in order to address any concerns about the local laws in the area. Also the victim would usually be advised to be treated with a several injections in order to insure their safety.

If a dog bites a person and is not current on its Rabies vaccine will that person have to undergo rabies treatments immediately?

Most generally laws vary from state to state, but most often as long as the dog shows no signs during the quarantine period the victim would not be required to start treatment.

What should be done if a dog that is current on its Rabies vaccine kills a skunk, without being bitten, but is covered in skunk blood?

In most cases it would be wise to have the skunk carcass tested for Rabies, and depending on the state that the dog is in, quarantine would likely be advised for the dog, and it could possibly be mandatory. The dog will likely need another Rabies shot. And probably will also need a tomato juice bath, or a mixture of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda, in cool water to help with the smell.

Is it normal for a four month old puppy to sleep a long time after its Rabies vaccination?

Typically this is not unusual for a puppy that has had a stress filled day at the veterinarian office, being poked and prodded with needles and who knows what else. The main concerns for a puppy after any vaccinations is redness in the skin color, hives, swelling, excessive itching, vomiting, breathing abnormalities, and diarrhea.

The Rabies vaccine for dogs is effective in the constant battle against a disease that kills millions of animals every year, and infects thousands of humans. Rabies is a disease that can turn even the most happy and healthy dog into a ferocious animal, attacking people, other animals, and even objects that are not living. Foaming at the mouth is the most famous symptom, yet other symptoms are often present, such as: sensitivity to light and sound, disorientation, loss of balance, paralysis of the back legs, and loss of appetite, weakness, seizures, and even death. The subject of the rabies vaccine for dogs can bring with it many questions, and who better to inquire into these questions than the Experts.
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