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Puppy Training Problems

What is puppy training and what are some puppy training methods?

Puppy training is the action of using a method or different methods to change a puppy’s behavior. Puppy training methods can be used to train a puppy to help with certain things, do a specific task, or to cohabitate in a domestic environment.

There are many different puppy training methods that can be used when puppy training. Classical conditioning is a method where the trainer uses an association between two items. Non-associative learning is a puppy training method that involves the puppy’s behavior and a consequence for that behavior. Other common puppy training techniques are the Koehler method, relationship based training, clicker training, and dominance based training. Different breeds of puppies can react differently to the different puppy training methods. Successful puppy training will also be reliant upon the personality of the puppy, the commitment of the trainer, and accurate timing and correct use of the methods. Experts can help answer questions about puppy training or puppy training methods which may be similar to questions like the ones Experts answered below.

My Chihuahua puppy has been through puppy training and is now reverting to peeing in the house. Are there any good puppy training tips that will help with housebreaking?

Small puppies like Chihuahuas have small bladders and will need to be let out to do their business more often than bigger puppies. It is not uncommon for owner’s to walk their small puppy breeds more than two times a day. You can also bring your puppy back to puppy training classes or use a crate when you are gone and at night. When you are home the puppy should be on a leash, if not in a crate, and corrected if it looks like the puppy is getting ready to mess in the house. Also, feeding habits can be changed to help reduce any accidents. You can feed your puppy twice a day for only 15 minutes.

What puppy training method can I use to get the puppy to stop howling and crying at night?

A typical response would be to give in and calm the puppy. This however may cause the situation to be worse than better. Puppies can cry/howl if they are lonely, need to use the bathroom, etc. You can try to ensure that the bathroom issue is resolved by letting the puppy out through the night to do their business and put them back to bed. Many have found that placing the crate in their own room until the puppy gets use to their environment also helps with the loneliness.

If an individual used to use a puppy training pad for a toy poodle but now takes the puppy outside, what can the individual do to reduce accidents in the house?

Sometimes puppies that urinate in the house could have a medical issue versus a behavioral issue. A veterinarian can check if there is an underlying medical issue. If a medical issue is ruled out then you may need to start over with either puppy training classes or attempting the puppy training on your own. You will need to start as if you puppy never had any training. Frequently taking the puppy outside to relieve his bladder, along with verbalization of ‘time to go outside to go pee’ and ‘good job going pee’ are good tips to use for good training. If your dog has gone outside and did their business, be sure to praise the dog by saying ‘good job’. Be sure to do this every time the dog goes outside. You will also need to clean really good on areas in the house where you puppy may have had accidents.

There are ultrasonic bark collars on the market that are made to help these kinds of puppy training problems. These collars can detect when a puppy or dog is on the verge of barking. When it detects this action it will emit a signal to the puppy. It takes the puppy a few times until it relates the barking with this signal. The next phase after the collar is a fake collar that the puppy still believes to be the one that sends the signal.

Puppy training methods can be complex to some animal owners. Animal owners may have tried everything possible that they know to correct some behaviors their animals are doing. Have good puppy training information can help when faced with situations that require puppy training help. Experts can help answer your puppy training problems. Get the answers to your puppy training help questions by asking an Expert.

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