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Chrysler PT Cruiser Problems

Chrysler PT Cruiser problems can be due to internal, external conditions or maintenance issues. For example: if the key fails to turn in the ignition, Experts suggest checking if the steering column is locked. This is done by turning it in either direction. If it is locked, the wheel should be held off the lock and the key turned forward with the other hand. If it is not, this could be a faulty ignition lock cylinder which needs to be replaced.

To know more about other Chrysler PT Cruiser problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

When the temperature gauge has a high reading, why would the cooling fan on a non-turbo Chrysler PT Cruiser not turn on?

If the temperature gauge is functioning fine, it would eliminate problems with the coolant sensor. The PCM could possibly cause the fan not to work due to a failed relay driver or the relay unable to come on. However this is not a common problem because a PCM issue would imply several more issues occurring simultaneously.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser fan motor has two circuits, two relays, two wires and a three wire electrical connector. If the fan does not turn on at low speed, it suggests that either the wire from the relay to the fan is broken or the motor of the fan is faulty. If the fan seems to come on but run slow at high speed, it is likely that the low speed circuit in the fan motor is defective.

In general, are the Chrysler PT Cruiser repairs more expensive than other cars?

In general, the Chrysler PT Cruiser is as expensive to maintain as most other cars in this range. The timing belt/water pump repair/replacement can be relatively more expensive due to the compactness and limited space of the engine compartment, making the repair more complicated. The timing belt should be replaced before the Chrysler PT Cruiser touches 90,000 miles and it can cost $600 to $800.

While purchasing a Chrysler PT Cruiser, you should either opt for one which has completed over 90,000 miles with a replaced timing belt, or if it has less than 90,000 miles, provide for timing belt replacement after 90,000 miles.

The other costly Chrysler PT Cruiser repair would be the engine cooling fan which can cost $350 in parts and labor.

These are not considered common problems with the car. These are just the more expensive of the repairs.

What does the code P0340 on the Chrysler PT Cruiser signify? The car is stalling and jerky with check engine light illuminated.

The P0340 code on the Chrysler PT Cruiser is related to the camshaft position sensor. This sensor is mounted to the left end of the cylinder head with two 10mm bolts. The role of the camshaft sensor is to read from a magnet at the end of the intake cam and communicate with the engine controller, the stage of rotation the cam is in. In case the cam sensor signal drops, the controller imposes a 2,500 RPM rev restriction which can cause driving irregularity. The problem could lie with the wiring or the sensor itself. The sensor is simple to replace. It can be found on the left end of the head which is usually a large aluminum piece bolted to the top of the engine block. It can cost $100 to $150 to replace.

How can the oil pressure sensor on the 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser be removed?

First the connector at the top should be removed. For this, the front end should be raised and a deep-well and swivel socket, long extension and ratchet can be used to remove the sensor from beneath.

Listed above are a few of the commonly asked questions about Chrysler PT Cruiser problems. There may be more issues that you seek information on. When faced with problems with your Chrysler PT Cruiser, it is best to ask an Expert. You can get information and guidance specific to your problem in a timely and affordable manner.
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