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Pseudoephedrine Medication related Questions

Have you or someone you know taken Pseudoephedrine? Do you need to know if this medication can show up as Methamphetamine? Do you need to know why you had to sign for Pseudoephedrine? Do you need to know if Pseudoephedrine can treat delayed ejaculation? When these questions need answers, individuals should turn to an Expert whereas they can help clarify questions like these and many more.

What is pseudoephedrine?

Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant and this can help by shrinking the blood vessels in the nasal passage. When blood vessels are enlarged congestion can occur. This medication treats congestion in the tubes that drain fluid from inside the inner ear which are considered Eustachian tubes. When Pseudoephedrine is prescribed, many questions can arise ranging from the side effects, complications and proper dosage. For more information about Pseudoephedrine read below where Experts have answered several questions.

Would it be safe to take Pseudoephedrine and Norvasc together?

It is not recommended to take Pseudoephedrine with Norvasc. The reason for this is because these medications can cause blood pressure and heart rate to rise. A doctor should be consulted before taking these medications together.

Can a drug screen test determines the difference between Pseudoephedrine and Methamphetamine?

A drug screen urine test cannot distinguish between the drug being tested for and several other drugs. Pseudoephedrine can cause a false positive. A false positive is where the test comes back positive for a medication that shows up as a drug. Generally, when a test comes back positive, a doctor will send the urine sample to a lab for a confirmatory test. This type of test can distinguish between Pseudoephedrine and Methamphetamine.

Why would someone need to sign for Pseudoephedrine?

The Federal Government put a restriction on the amount of Pseudoephedrine. A person can only buy so much of this medication at one time. The reason for this is because this medication can be used to make methamphetamine or crystal meth. However, Pseudoephedrine can be considered one of the safest decongestants on the market.

Can Pseudoephedrine be used to treat delayed ejaculation if given at three tablets of 60 milligrams?

Pseudoephedrine is a medication treats nasal congestion, not delayed ejaculation. Taking such a high dose of this can cause several side effects. These can include vomiting, anxiety, dizziness, nervousness, headache, nausea and trouble sleeping. To treat delayed ejaculation a physician should be consulted for the proper treatment.

Can Pseudoephedrine be used to treat a clogged ear?

This medication is normally used to treat nose congestion. It is not used to treat a clogged ear. A clogged ear would need an antibiotic or an ear drop. For the proper treatment a doctor should be consulted.

Some individuals are not sure what Pseudoephedrine is used to for. This medication is used to treat congestion. This medication can be one of the safest decongestions. However this medication can be hard to obtain, because of the Federal Law. This can cause several questions for many individuals. For more information about Pseudoephedrine individuals can contact an Expert.
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