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Questions About Prosthodontists

What is a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist is a dental specialist that specializes in the field of dentistry prosthetics. The field of prosthodontics deals with those patients whose conditions are associated with teeth and tissues which are either deficient or are missing, with the use of substitutes that are biocompatible. The prosthodontist plans the treatment according to the patients diagnosis, making sure that the patient’s able to function, and is comfortable with the appearance of the prosthesis. Read below to find more answers that have been answered by the Experts when dealing with prosthodontists.

Can a prosthodontist make changes in facial height when putting in implant dentures?

In many cases, this can be true that some prosthodontists will purposely make facial height changes; the change that occurs the most often is the increase of the vertical dimension. The reasoning behind this is how naturally the bite height wears down as the individual ages; the adjustment to the bite height is used as counteraction to the effects of aging. The individual may feel that the adjustment is off, due to the body being accustomed to the prior bite height. The adjustment may take time to get accustomed to and it may cause some temporary dysfunction. This is normal, but if the adjustment continues to feel uncomfortable or cause dysfunction after several weeks then a consult with the prosthodontist.

What is the difference between a dentist and a prosthodontist?

A prosthodontist has special training in the making of dental prosthetics. This specialized training allows a prosthodontist to sit for certification with the specialty board. A dentist however does not have to go through the specialized training that a prosthodontist has to go through.

How does an individual get into see a prosthodontist?

An individual may be able to get into see a prosthodontist from a referral from their regular dentist. They may also be able to make an appointment on their own. There are ways to find a prostodontist that are located in the individual’s area, such as checking with the American Dental Society. The need for a referral may depend upon the individual’s insurance.

If an individual has a temp crown, should the individual see their regular dentist, or should they been seen by a prosthodontist?

In many cases individuals who are looking for a new crown over a temp crown, they may need to be seen by a prosthodontist. This is because, the prosthodontist has a higher level of specialty for this type of procedure. If the individual is unaware where to find a prosthodontist in their area, they can contact the American College of Prothodontist to find information in their area. Also, the individual may need to provide any information as to if they have has complications in the past with crowns, so the prosthodonist can take extra measures to where these problems do not occur again.

A prosthodontist is a dental specialist that focuses on the diagnosis, management and implantation of dental prosthetics. A prosthodontist must undergo specialized education and pass a special board to be a certified prosthodontist. An individual may receive a referral from their regular dentist, or may contact the American Dental Society to find a prosthodontist in the area. A referral may be required by some dental insurance companies. Some prosthodontists may open the bite when putting in implanted dentures. This is common and is counteractive to the wearing down that can come with age. Any questions about prosthodontists may be asked of the Experts.

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