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Projection TV Problems

A Projection Television is display technology that projects the image from a video signal and reflects it onto a screen. This technology magnifies a smaller image to a larger one by using a bright beam of light and a lens system. The projection televisions are a good choice for the viewers as they are reasonable in price and provide high performance. Below are frequent asked questions on problems relating to Projection Televisions that have been answered by the Experts.

If a 60 inch SCRD Sony Projection TV, that has a good picture, except there is green tint on the screen only when using a DVD and is hooked up to High Definition cable. How can this green tint be fixed if the tv has been restored back to factory settings with no avail?

This could be a failure in the optical engine of the TV set, which needs to be replaced. These are very common problems in this TV model. If this case, it is likely that to have the optical engine replaced it could cost up to a thousand dollars.. Thus, in a situation like this, the best thing a person could do is call Sony Customer Service at 1-239-768-7547, and complain about the optical block. In many cases, they could repair your set at no cost or may offer a new set at a lower price.

If a Samsung Rear Projection TV doesn’t turn on, and the bottom green light flashes when the power button is pushed to turn the TV on, and after a minute or more the TV automatically powers down, left standby and the lamp light goes off and on, does this represent that the bulb is out on the TV

To begin with, the lamp needs to be taken out for inspection. For that, you could use a screw to remove the access door at the back of your TV. Once the door is removed, the lamp should be visible. Now, you may see that the lamp could either have a broken glass within it or there may be bubbling at the base of the stem in the middle, which would indicate a faulty bulb or the lamp may look cloudy. Once you know that the bulb is defective, you would want to buy a low priced bulb with housing. For that, you can visit You would need to enter your TV’s make and model number to check the availability and the price range of the bulb on this website.

If a 6-7 year old Sony rear Projection TV has spots of yellow and blue color even when the TV is set to black and white mode, how can this problem be fixed?

In many case, there could be a failure in the light engine of your LCD rear projection TV, also termed as the optical block. Many times it could be the light engine could be replaced and hope that the occurrence does not happen again. In some of these cases like this, it could cost hundreds of dollars for the repair.. To seek redress on this particular issue, you would need to call Sony.

The projection television allows the consumers to enjoy a larger screen and a better picture quality with a variety of entertainment setups. However, every projection television just as any electronic components has problems. These problems may relate to lamp issues, poor picture quality, over-heating of the unit and so on. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Projection TV, you may ask a TV technician Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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