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Projection Screen Problems

Projection screen is a technology designed to display the projected image on the screen for the purpose of viewing by audience through front or rear projectors. The front projectors reflect the light projected onto them by dispersing it, while the rear projectors function by diffusely transmitting the light through them. Below are frequent asked questions on issues relating to Projection Screen Problems that has been answered by the Experts.

How can an individual fix their Sony Projection screen that is blurry, has a triple colored picture and the text foggy?

In this case, the problem seems to be with the convergence circuit inside your TV set. In order to cure this problem, you would need to get it repaired by a technician. Repairing this circuit could cost you around three to four hundred dollars that would include the cost for both the parts and labor.

What could be the problem with a screen on a Samsung Projection screen that blinks and cannot control the volume, also the TV will turn off automatically? How can an individual repair this?

To fix this problem, you would need to have a new projection lamp for your TV. The part number of the lamp for your unit is BP96-01653A. These lamps are user-replaceable, similar to the bulbs in your home. You could, therefore, visit to get such lamps. They would usually cost you around one hundred and twenty dollars. You should be able to get the instructions for replacement in your manual.

What should an individual do if their Projection screen on a Mitsubishi TV has a white bluish look that makes the picture difficult to see, also the screen is faded?

Based on what you mentioned, it seems like the picture tube of your TV set is ageing. Therefore, most likely the ageing of the picture tube could be the problem in your case. In most cases, these picture tubes start wearing out after they have been used for a couple of years. Sometimes, they can wear out unsteadily that causes a faded color of one hue to appear on TV screens, like the bluish color you have on yours. Usually, you could expect to pay around three to four hundred dollars for one replacement tube along with an additional labor charge needed to fit them. Therefore, the overall estimated cost to repair this TV may be more than five hundred dollars. Thus, in this kind of a situation, you may need to consider if you would invest your money in this set or you would rather spend it in buying a new one.

I can see shadows of red and green throughout the entire picture on my Magnavox Rear Projection Screen TV. How to correct this problem?

In this case, you seem to have a failure in the convergence IC’s in your TV. These IC’s generate a lot of heat, which is why such failures are very common with these Projection Screen TV sets. Therefore, the only way you can cure this problem is by replacing the IC’s. Now if you want to replace these IC’s on your own, you would need to get a kit that contains the parts you can use for replacing the faulty IC’s. In order to get a kit like that, you can click on Generally, the kit would cost around seventy dollars and would also provide an instruction guide on how you can replace the IC’s. However, such replacements would need you to have some soldering skills as you would require soldering in the process. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable handling this issue by yourself, the best thing would be to take the help of a repairman. In that case, you could expect to pay around two hundred and fifty dollars for this repair that would include the charges for both labor and parts. However, the price for the parts would go up from the seventy dollars in this situation.

Projection screens experience problems despite their popularity among their consumers. These problems may relate to issues like no picture or distorted picture, no sound or poor sound, remote control problems, lamp replacement problems and so on. In case, any of these problems arise, the best thing would be to either troubleshoot the problem or hire a technician and have him repair the issue. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Projection Screen Problems, you may ask an Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a technical insight.
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