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Progressive Auto Insurance Questions

The Progressive Corporation, known as the Progressive Casualty Insurance Company is an insurance company that provides auto insurance to its customers. It is important for people to have as much information as possible about progressive insurance before they buy a policy. Given below are answers that were given by the Experts to some of the most common questions that were asked about progressive insurance.

Would it be legal for Progressive Insurance Company to ask the owner to sign a power of attorney to pay off a bank loan?

Progressive Insurance Company is well within its rights to ask the owner to sign a power of attorney to pay off a bank loan.

Can the Progressive Insurance Company deny an individual medical claims until they he/she settles the claims with another company?

The Progressive Insurance Company may not deny an individual of their medical claim. If they do so, it may be considered to be a violation of their duty of good faith and fair dealing. The individual may file a complaint with his/her state’s Board of Insurance. If they still do not pay, the individual can then hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit against them.

Would an individual’s progressive insurance cover the theft of contents in a car?

In most situations, a car insurance company may cover the theft of the contents of the car. However, before going in for a policy, the individual may contact progressive insurance and check about their policies in order to make sure if they cover the theft or not.

What can an individual do if the Progressive Insurance Company holds their his/her driver’s license for not having insurance at the time of an accident?

If an insurance company holds an individual’s license for not having insurance at the time of an accident, he/she can file a motion in the court that passed the judgment. The individual can also set up a payment plan with the court in order to release the license. The individual may get a copy of the judgment that was passed and file the petition under the same case number. Once this is received the individual may need to send a copy of the petition to the insurance carrier and its attorney via certified mail.

Do insurance companies have to sell the vehicle back to the owner once it has been declared as being totaled in an accident?

When an insurance company declares a vehicle to be totaled in an accident, it may be under no obligation to repair the vehicle and may just pay the owner of the vehicle its value. They are under no obligation to sell the vehicle back to its owner.

What can an individual do if he/she is not in agreement with the insurance company over the value of his/her vehicle?

If an individual does not agree with the insurance company on the value of his/her vehicle, he/she may take it up with the small claims court. A lawsuit may be filed regarding the difference between his/her own valuation of the vehicle and the insurance company’s valuation. He/she may also file a complaint about the valuation with the insurance department of the state.

An auto insurance policy is one of the most important things that you must have if you own a vehicle. It can help you with any potential claims in case of an accident. Before buying any insurance policy, it is important that you are aware of all of its features and rules. You need to weigh the pros and cons of the policy and only then take a decision. You may ask an Expert if you need have any questions or need any information about progressive insurance.
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