Connect one-on-one with an Expert who will answer your question

Connect one-on-one with an Expert

The future of professional services in the on-demand economy

Lawyers, mechanics, doctors at your fingertips, 24/7.

Need a ride? Forget the taxi. It’s much easier to call a ride on-demand from your app. Need groceries delivered? Done. Need your dog walked? No problem. You can get from point A to point B, have organic chia pudding delivered to your doorstep, and find someone to pick up your dry cleaning and fold your laundry.

However, if you have to see the doctor, you still have to book an appointment and wait. You can’t talk to a lawyer without paying the minimum hourly rate. And you’ll pay the plumber just to come out and assess the problem.

If you’ve ever spent hours in a waiting room or needed a vet in the middle of the night, you know how frustrating it can be. That’s where JustAnswer comes in.


How it started

JustAnswer’s mission is to help people by bringing professional services online and on-demand. Now you can gain expertise in every topic, save thousands of dollars and always get answers quickly.
Andy Kurtzig, JustAnswer founder and CEO

JustAnswer started in 2003 when Andy Kurtzig and his wife Sara were expecting their first child. Like most new parents, they had a million questions for their doctor – day and night. But the doctor only had time to talk to them at their scheduled appointments. So Andy decided to create a website to provide 24/7 answers from doctors and other Experts. Since 2003, we’ve helped more than 9 million people in 196 countries. We have an A+ rating with BBB and a 9.6/10 rating with TrustPilot.


How Experts are verified and reviewed

Experts on JustAnswer go through an 8-step verification process. Employees often joke that it’s harder to become an Expert on JustAnswer than it is to get into Harvard. Read more about the verification process here.

After Experts are verified, it’s up to the customer to rate them according to the speed and quality of their answer. Experts are constantly being evaluated and rated through customer ratings and also secret shoppers.

We want to make sure our Experts are delivering quality answers to our customers in a timely manner.
Andy Kurtzig


Convenient and cost-effective

JustAnswer’s goals is to democratize professional services to the general public. Right now, only a select group of people can afford the expertise a lawyer brings. Because of that, most folks turn to unreliable sources of information or spend hours of precious time doing research instead of getting an answer in minutes.

JustAnswer also strives to go above and beyond. We’re not just here to answer your question and move on to the next one. We’re in the problem-solving business, which is why we offer a slate of additional services like document preparation, secure remote assistance, phone calls and more to help our customers get the most out of their time on the site.


Experts anytime, anywhere

You can ask a question on JustAnswer in 150+ fields of expertise that include doctors, lawyers, car mechanics, plumbers, vets, computer technicians, and so much more.

This is the new way to get fast, high-quality Expert answers and connect with professionals online. On-demand and 24/7—available anytime, anywhere.

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