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Professional Liability Insurance Questions

What is professional liability insurance?

Professional liability insurance is a kind of insurance that protects professionals in different fields like doctors, lawyers, architects, etc, from potential liability lawsuits by their clients. It is important for people to know its various features before they buy a policy. Answered below are some of the commonly asked questions that are answered by the Experts about professional liability insurance.

What kinds of insurance can individuals get if they want to protect themselves from being sued by clients that they counsel?

Individuals who counsel clients may get a professional liability insurance policy if they want protection from being sued by them.

What is a waiver of subrogation with subject to professional liability insurance?

A waiver of subrogation means that the insurance company may give up the right to collect money from the opposite party for the damages that it paid, on behalf of the insured person.

Will an individual be able to get coverage for a second time if their liability insurance was cancelled by the insurance company?

If the individual’s insurance was cancelled due to a business decision from the insurance company and if he/she had made no claims in the past, then he/she may be able to find another insurance company to provide him/her with coverage.

Can a pharmacist discontinue his/her professional liability insurance policy if he/she has not been practicing actively for more than 2 years?

A pharmacist may discontinue his/her liability insurance policy if he/she has not been practicing actively for a period of 2 years or more and does not intend to start practice again.

What can a nurse without insurance do if he/she is being sued for negligence?

The nurse may have to contact the company that he/she was working with when the alleged act of negligence took place if he/she is being sued. The company may have an insurance policy which may be bound by duty to cover the nurse. Even if the company does not have insurance coverage, it may have to defend the nurse if he/she did all that was within the scope of his/her employment at the time of the alleged act.

Would an individual require professional liability insurance if he/she owned a dog daycare business?

An individual who runs a dog day care business may require professional liability insurance to protect himself/herself in case something happens to his/her customers or their dogs on his/her property. He/she may also have to include any vehicle that he/she uses for the business in the insurance policy.

What is the documentation required by a defendant to get information regarding a doctor’s liability insurance?

In order to get information about a doctor’s professional liability insurance, the individual will have to file a request for production and request for the information. The individual may also file interrogatories and get the insurance information.

You may always be at the risk of a potential lawsuit from one of your clients if you own a business. It is important for you to make sure that you protect your business and yourself in case one of the clients decides to sue you. Obtaining professional liability insurance can protect you or at least reduce your financial loss if you are sued. You may take the advice of an Expert if you need more information on professional liability insurance.
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